Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Saints are coming !

The second band that we decided you should know about, is Saintfearless. Very early on when Cape Town Music Scene started posting, they were immediately interactive with the page, and that prompted us to look more into this band. It has been a while since we saw a band that promoted themselves with so much effort as Saintfearless , and I think many new and younger bands can learn from them, regarding self promotion. Everywhere you go at the moment, you will hear about Saintfearless , it is definitely a buzz word in the local music scene.

Saintfearless is a band like every other... Every band wants to go out, see the world and take over
the industry with their music. The difference is that "The Saints", as they've affectionately become
known, will accept nothing less than just that.

Previously, as a four piece, the band had already headlined local festivals with the likes of Zebra and
Giraffe, Prime Circle and aKING in and around Cape Town, as well as supporting Van Coke Kartel at
the launch of their latest album and opening for Jesse Clegg as well. They also have two music videos
playlisted on local music channel MK and received an overwhelming response.
With the departure of ex-bassist, Jethro Jenneker, they had a tough decision to make: Do they give
up? Or do they push harder and further with the dreams and determination that fuelled their well
oiled machine? The latter came true in December 2010 with the addition of the already celebrated
twins, Kevin and Kelvin Mercuur. The band managed to harness and combine their love for old
school rock and blues with their appreciation of modern sonic and electro elements.
The result is a fresh, hungry and passionate sound that tells of life, love and fictional tales dwindling
in the open mind. There is a huge underground hype about the powerful live show Saintfearless has
to offer and truthfully, seeing and hearing is believing.

Saintfearless kicked 2011 off faster than the speed of sound with a whole host of shows and festivals
(Ultrafest, US Woordfees Straatfees, Adorned Fest) in and around Cape Town, playing with, amongst
others: Fokopolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties, CrashCarBurn, New Holland and Isochronous.

This band has enough energy between the 5 of them to kickstart the Fukushima Nuclear Power
plant back into action. Watching one of their live shows is like watching two lightning bolts fighting
over who gets to strike the highest tree in the forest first. Explosive. Loud. Blinding. Their infectious
energy and contagious lyrics force the crowd to “Dans dans dans” the soles right off their shoes.
Taking into account that this 5 piece has only been playing together since December, they are really

What makes this band stand out from other bands is the interaction between them. You can see that
these guys are not only band members, but brothers (Two of them are actually brothers). According
to the band, they have more than the odd quarrel, but they get over it with a beer and a dance off.

The band consists of:

Kieron Brown (23) on lead vocals and rhythm guitar.

Kevin Mercuur (25) on bass guitar.

Cody Meyer (20) on drums.

Paul Fairbrother (25) on lead guitar.

Kelvin Pelvin (25) on keys and backing vocals

As you probably know, Kevin and Kelvin are twins, with Kevin being 3 minutes older. He will always make sure everyone knows it, and claims it! They are in the process of teaching the other members of the band to "praat die taal" . Apparently , Kieron and Kelvin fight a lot! Why, we don't know, but Kieron is allergic to nuts, maybe that is why? Paul likes long walks on the beach. Probably while the other two are fighting. Cody is the youngest band member, and not as wise as the rest yet, as we hear that he will always be the one that laughs last at a joke.... 

Join Saintfearless on Facebook, by following this link - Saintfearless

You can catch Saintfearless tomorrow night (28 April 2011) at Bohemia, Stellenbosch , Friday (29 April 2011) at the Cederberg Kunstefees, and Saturday (30 April 2011), you can see them at The Purple Turtle in Cape Town, with Woodstock Mafia and Box Office. This will be their last gig for a while, so make sure to catch them at one of these events!

We see a bright feature ahead for this fantastic band!

Credit for the photo's must go to Adriaan Louw, Shana Sivewright and Laura McCullagh

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