Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cape Town Rock Band Raising Awareness for POWA

Cape Town rock band, STONECOLLAR, is doing their bit to create awareness about abuse against women with the release of an acoustic track, Turn A Blind Eye. All proceeds from the sale of the single, scheduled for release at the beginning of August to coincide with the start of Women’s Month, will go to People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA). 

                ‘I think women abuse is something that affects many more households than people like to admit,’ says drummer, Bryan Nicol. ‘And for that reason I’ve always had a soft spot for the work that POWA does. When I discussed it with the band, they felt the same so we came up with this idea to do something to help POWA in their campaign.’

                Turn A Blind Eye is the fourth track on STONECOLLAR’s debut album, Trial By Fire, which launched over two months ago to rave reviews both locally and internationally. The lyrics are about someone who is aware of wrong-doing but does not have the courage or inclination to do anything about it. ‘It’s a sentiment that resonates all too strongly with what goes on with domestic violence,’ says Nicol. ‘People know it’s happening but they just keep silent.’

                STONECOLLAR recorded an acoustic version of the song for the Women’s Month campaign. The new arrangement features haunting melodies and guitar work, while still maintaining the rock and roll edge that fans have come to expect. The song will be available for purchase via download as of 1 August 2011. For more information visit the band’s website,, as of 1 August 2011. Each download is to be sold for R7 through ( ). To do their bit for the campaign, has kindly lowered their commission on the sale of this single, further benefitting POWA.

In the hopes of even further promoting this initiative, STONECOLLAR produced a music video to accompany the release of this single. It will be available for viewing on the band’s official website,, as of 1 August 2011.

As part of their awareness campaign, STONECOLLAR has also organised a special gig with Cape Town band Witness To Wolves at the Obz Cafe in Lower Main Rd, Observatory. All proceeds from the show will be donated to POWA. Entrance is R40 per person, payable at the door.

-          To preview the track pre-August, you can visit
-          For interviews with the band, contact their manager, Sean Wienand of Headline Artists, on 0721230263 / or Bryan Nicol, band member, on 0835643488 /

About POWA (

POWA was formed in 1979 by a group of women volunteers in order to provide referral services and sheltering to women who were experiencing domestic violence.  POWA was the first organization to establish a shelter for abused women in 1981. The organization also pioneered second stage (or transitional) housing for women in 2009 in Gauteng. The direct services delivery component of the organisation forms the basis of and informs all advocacy interventions, at local, nation and regional level.


STONECOLLAR is an independent 4-piece hard rock band from Cape Town who are making a name for themselves on the live music scene with their signature old school hard rock sound. Their debut album, Trial By Fire, recently launched to rave reviews, particularly in the USA and UK, and has been called “the complete package and is highly recommended for all the rock fans out there“( Their first single, SQT, has been included on a hard rock compilation album compiled by Radio Screamer in Los Angeles, USA.

Léshem Petersen – Vocals & bass
Sean Tait – Lead guitar
Clinton Jurgens – Rhythm guitar
Bryan Nicol – Drums

The Blues Broers – Saronsberg Theatre, Tulbagh

Article : Ezelle Louw
Photo's : Lupa Photography

You don't prepare yourself mentally for a Blues Broers show. You cannot if you haven't
experienced them before. No matter what you hear beforehand or expect to find - please
do yourself a favor and throw all of that out of the window. Put on your dancing shoes
and let these guys entertain you with passion. I was semi prepared when I went to the
show, since I saw Albert Frost and Arno Carstens rocking
it out at an open air show at Saronsberg Wine Cellar (which left me breathless by the
way) so I had a small idea of what was in store.

Arriving 10 minutes too early, Maggie (their manager) greeted me at the door. Warm
hearted and strong willed, I immediately felt at home.
I couldn't imagine a better agent for the band. Ready with stories, passionate and so
easy to talk to she is the great introduction to The Blues Broers - if you ever do see her
at a show, be sure to make an effort to chat to her. She'll make it worth your while. I

The Blues Broers has been breaking boundaries since 1989 introducing sounds not
common in South Africa at the time. While they took a break for awhile, concentrating
on solo careers, they have been back on the scene for almost 2 years now and they are
better than ever. They are bigger than before and equipped with music that will transcend
your viewpoint.

If I say "breaking boundaries" I mean it to the extent that even before they appeared on
stage, there was this strange boxed instrument I have never seen before in my life,
I was excited to see what they were going to do with it. Later I found out this instrument
is called a "tea chest bass". Originating from the days when ship farers transported teas in
these wooden chest, they attached string to the core, made some sounds and sang for their
own entertainment. Now The Blues Broers do it for ours.
Plus point for us. You have to experience this primitive instrument. Pure genius I assure.
I’ll also add that there was an old washboard used, brilliantly by Tim Rankin himself.

Lights are dimmed, Albert is on lead guitar and vocals, Rob Nagel takes his place at
the "tea chest", Tim Rankin seated in front of drums and of course Simon Orange on
keyboard. Action. You are lost for the time they play their jam.

From the moment these men created sound with their instruments, I was totally lost in
their music, professionalism and pure passion of sharing with us the audience, this very
moment. I haven’t seen musical talent on this scale in a very long time. During the 2
hours performance, I couldn’t stop taking pictures and tapping my feet to the sultry tunes,
the incredible mixture of style and completely being lost in the impressive presence these
men have on stage.

My words cannot describe what these men have to offer. All I can say is join their
facebook group – The Blues Broers and diligently follow their gig list. Attend one as
soon as you can. I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you are, feel free to tell me I am wrong.

Stellenbosch Alternative

We as Cape Town Music Scene, noticed this movement called Stellenbosch Alternative, and decided to ask them what they are all about......

Who/what and why you are? What are your goals?

Stellenbosch alternative is a community initiative by three students at Stellenbosch University. We see that there is a need in the community to bring together likeminded people. We are not some big company using people’s likes to make a quick buck out of them. Making money from this is the last thing on our minds. We simply are an organisation that aims to promote this alternative culture in Stellenbosch. (Promote bands, events, places)

Our main goal is to have people united in their love for alternative music and lifestyle in Stellenbosch. We came up with the idea for something like this early in the year when walking around campus. You’d see someone wearing a band shirt or something and you would exchange a nod or some sort of sign of approval but that was it. There is no central place where people like this can meet and grow relationships and grow the scene. Yes of course there are some alternative venues – but to be honest we think these places have become too watered down (more about this later)

If people are active in Stellenbosch, there will be new bands forming, learning from each other, exchanging ideas, friendships made. Basically we love alternative music, metal, rock, punk, you know that shit..and we want more people to know about it and get a chance to experience it.

How do you think of achieving it? Any plans getting involved in helping organize gigs.

So far we have to start small purely because of numbers. Obviously, if we had 10000 fans and unlimited resources we would hold festivals every weekend.

Realistically we want to promote local bands from Stellenbosch first and then other local cape town based bands. By promoting we mean advertising their gigs, album launches, downloads, anything like that. As well as business such as tunes (a practice studio in Stellenbosch)

At the moment we feel we are in a growing stage, trying to get enough numbers and big name support to get some actual things on the ground. Several quite well known bands and companies have approached us saying that they appreciate what we are doing and would like to get involved once we have a big enough following. We have also approached a pub in Stellenbosch and they have agreed that we can start hosting alternative themed nights at this pub however we do understand that they need to make money so once again we need to be able to show the numbers.

So in the near future we hope to get alternative themed nights going, bring back metal/alternative to some of the venues we think have lost the plot a bit. We hope to create a bit of hype around Stellenbosch based bands and increase the number of people attending gigs in the area.

Yeah we’d definitely be keen to organise some gigs and events.

What we consider to be “alternative”:

The dictionary gives the definition of alternative culture to be a type of culture that exists outside or on the fringes of mainstream or popular culture. This fails in our opinion to give the true sense of what an alternative culture means through the failure of the exact generic definition of mainstream. It is because of this reason that we will try and explain what alternative culture means to us without the use of common phases like “it is anything not mainstream” or “if it is on the radio, it is mainstream” The alternative culture that we know and have come to love is integrated with core artistically focused values that display respect and a certain level of appreciation for different art forms and subcultures in an unbiased way. We believe that one can not simply give some form of art, music or lifestyle credit or no credit at all because of its style, genre or popularity. Thus a person who treats anything they hear, see or experience with the same amount of respect, should only be left to use certain universal criteria and his/her own personal opinion to measure his/her level of appreciation of what is heard, seen or experienced. It is this rational evaluation of a piece of art, music or someone else’s lifestyle before displaying like or dislike that we consider to be the fundamental building blocks for being alternative and creating an alternative culture. To put it plain and simple, it is liking what you like and thinking for yourself by displaying your views, believes and opinions in an intellectual way without bashing on other people who seem to not agree with you to the extent that pleases you.

Is the scene dead?

The scene is not dead. Yet there are more than enough people to cause its destruction, but even more than enough to cause its long living existence. The groups are all separated, but not gathered. There is a huge amount of people following, but there is no central gathering, group, or community to supply this need of general acceptance within one certain place. It should be a group of non invasion, and of acceptance and respect among one another. If the question should be asked, the alternative community is not a scene, it is a lifestyle, it is outside the scene, and it is a growing place in need of common greeting grounds.

Do you think some of the venues changed to much to mainstream?

Yes we do think that some venues changed to much to mainstream. A good example is Aandklas. Aandklas used to play alternative music,and used to draw an alternative crowd. But lately their customers have stopped going there ,and we think one of the main reasons is because they started playing music that can be heard in almost every venue in Stellenbosch. Aandklas used to be a place where altenative music,people and ideas all came together. It has ahuge following on facebook and good deals yet is almost always empty. Also there is another aandklas in in Pretoria and they still play the music that they always used to, and there are more than enough people who support them.Other venues in Stellenbosch all play the music that can be heard in places such as nu bar,except for the odd one or two other venues.Bohemia has luckily always been there for us, and played the music that we alternative supporters love to hear. But recently the people have changed to a much more mainstream crowd. Bohemia has almost become a greeting place for the more mainstream crowd, to catch the 7-9 drinks special and then go to the nightclubs. There are still the regular customers who will always keep the alternative side of bohemia alive.we think that some venues might want to reconsider the music that they play,and also remember what they represented when they started out. And Stellenbosch needs a place where people who live an alternative lifestyle can go and know that other people with the same interests will be there. There are nightclubs which only support mainstream music and people. We need a place to do the same for alternative. We don’t want to come across as completely hating on the place its just it isn’t marketing itself right.What venue is the most alternative still?we would say bohemia as they have never started to play music other than they have always done,and unlike other venues they do not try to cater for every type of crowd, Even though different people go there, they never change their style to adapt to the different people. They do not try to attract more people by occasionally playing mainstream music.

Go and take a look at their FB page for more info.... Stellenbosch Alternative

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Modes, Fruits & Veggies and Captain Stu at The Purple Turtle

First article by another new contributor - SuzCruz

Saturday night 9 July and I was heading to the Turtle! On the way there I was cleansing my ear pallet
by tuning the dial to RSG whilst venturing into territory I'm not too familiar with.

Bearing in mind that Zula Bar's new opening, a stones throw away from Turtle, was fuelled with a
killer line-up, I was admittedly not too optimistic about attendance figures.

Arriving at the scene it looked a bit stale, but busier than anticipated taking into consideration it was
only 09:00 and the night was still an embryo.

By the time the first act, The Modes hit the stage at 22:15, one noted a very respectable turnout.
This evening was reeking with potential - which in hindsight was a bit of an understatement.

The Modes - a group of Afrikaans boytjies hailing from Despatch near Port Elizabeth (for those
of you who are geographically challenged) lay their set down and had feet tapping with their
uncomplicated rhythmic melodic tunes. Their enthusiasm as the opening act was infectious - once
you got over the keyboard player's interesting hairdo. Signed to Musketeer Records, who are
responsible for artists like Seether, Evolver One and Heroes Wear Red - to name but a few - this is a
band to look out for.

The second act, Fruits & Veggies representing Durban, seemed not to need an introduction or crowd
warm up, busting it out with opening track Without A Gwaai or a Cent. They're nuts. they went
nuts. they had the crowd going... nuts. One had to keep a safe following distance from the mosh-pit
that took up almost the entire dance floor. They were relentless in kicking up the pace and leaving
the crowd chomping at the bits. Lead singer, Purity, offered to dispose of one of the garments
should someone get her a shot of tequila. This racy challenge was met, and before we knew it
she was sporting very little dress at the top. These self-proclaimed crazies hail from Durban, and
suspicions arose to whether or not they may have smuggled in some of their loyal fellow residents.
They've been active since 2008, and still going strong. Keep a look out for their album 'Ndaa' if Ska
Afro Punk is your flavour.

With the crowd having digested their more than their allotted 5 servings of Fruits & Veggies for the
evening, local outfit Captain Stu to step up to the plate. They don't need much of an introduction,
having been on the scene since 2003 carrying the torch for the Ska Punk genre with the likes of The
Rudimentals and Hog Hoggity Hog. Satisfaction was guaranteed. They held their own and let rip
with a solid performance and play listed single "The Day" being a predictable favourite. In the end
the Fruits and Veggies had to cement their attention-whoring ways by getting on stage to encourage
an encore from the Stu's. Just as you thought things couldn't get any more interesting, members
from both bands were lip locked. Stu'd Fruit anyone? The band managed to gather composure and
give us one for the road.

All clichés aside it was a refreshing night out saw me leaving the venue at a respectable 01:30 with
my name still in tact and no bruises to behold. It was time to set out into the night, to move onto the
next stir in the night.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

CD Review : Stonecollar

We have a new person helping us out, doing reviews of CD's, gigs, etc - Even_Steven. Here is the first article from Even_Steven - thanx for joining the team! His first contribution is a review of the debut album of the band Stonecollar....

Stonecollar is a 4-piece, hard rock band from Cape Town, consisting of Leshem Peterson (bass/vocals), Sean Tait (lead guitar), Clinton Jurgens (rhythm guitar) and Bryan Nicol (drums). Their debut album “Trial By Fire” has been written, produced, recorded, and mastered by the band, and after a solid month of giving the cd constant playing time in my car (the drive test ala “The Rocker”), here is my take.

The first thing I noticed when I finally got my grubby paws on the album was the packaging. It’s really good, the CD has a weird embossed-type Stonecollar logo on it, and the booklet has some cool pictures as well as the lyrics of all the tracks. A good start.

First up is “Not For Good”, I’m annoyed this is the first song as it is by far my least favourite on the album. I would’ve preferred one of the other thumpers, such as the Creed-ish “SQT”, “Turn a Blind Eye”, or even the title track “Trial by Fire”. On these tracks the vocals really shine and the riffs have you bobbing your head involuntarily, while the lead guitar has you playing air guitar at traffic light intersections when you happen to be caught at a red light. By far the standout track on the album is “Poison the Well” an awesome song that has some serious staying power, even a month later I still stick the CD in to get my fix.

The ballad “As the Crow Flies” is also very good. Why they only did one ballad on the album is a mystery, perhaps they’re afraid of showing their soft side too often. “Unnatural Selection” and “Say Your Prayers” are also good tracks and worth a listen.

As a band, Stonecollar are on the right track. The vocals, guitars and drums on the album all mesh well together and they have a distinct “old-school rock” with glimpses of “modern rock” sound. With their energetic and tight live performances as well as this album as their first offering, it seems the best is yet to come.

On the downside, the production on the album is not that great. The main letdowns are the drums and bass, both being too soft and having a faraway/distant sound. Having said that, this is still a great album and if hard rock is your genre of music it’s definitely worth a listen.

Go to to order your own copy, either in CD or digital format.

Best Tracks: Poison the Well, Turn a Blind Eye, SQT, As the Crow Flies

If you like: old school rock like Metallica or modern rock such as Creed/Breaking Benjamin – you will like this album

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Obsessie met Als

Ek het besluit om nog 'n Afrikaanse post oor nog n Afrikaanse rock band te doen - maar hulle is nie NET nog 'rock band nie....

Obsessie met als : die three piece, Afrikaanse Rock 'n Roll band van Kaapstad wat stadig maar seker 'n groot belangstelling onder vele mense laat ontwikkel het met hulle energieke, omstrede en harde musiekstyl. Met die styl, energie en passie van hierdie ouens, het Afrikaanse rock 'n roll n hele nuwe betekenis en dimensie gekry.

In 2007 het die 3 ouens bymekaar gekom, en Obsessie met Als is gebore. Hulle is :

Pierre Van der Naam - Stem/ Kitaar 
Evan Scheepers - Baskitaar 
Heinrich Volschenk - Dromme/ Stem

Ek het hulle vir die eerste keer gesien in 2007 by die Kunskafee in Durbanville, en het onmiddelik gehou van wat ek gehoor het, en gesien groter dinge is oppad.

In 2008 haal hulle reeds die voorblad van die Tygerburger en van Jip, en speel ook saam met Van Coke Kartel op hulle CD launch toer, Waaksaam en Wakker. Laat 2008 begin hulle aan hulle volgente album, "Splinter nuwe moeilikheid" werk

Hulle eerste musiek video, "Klaar te laat", ( link na video op FB : Klaar te laat ) verskyn op MK in 2009, en word ook deur die Kyknet program, Net virri grap, genooi vir 'n interview. Radio KC 107.7FM in die Paarl nooi van die lede om 'n rock program te begin, en die program groei tot 5000 luisteraars.

2010 verskyn hulle in Your LMG magazine as Band to Watch. Hulle CD, nou klaar, is landswyd beskikbaar in Look & Listen en Music Moods. Die album launch toer volg, in die Wes Kaap, onder die naam "Dans met jou MA". Die jaar sien ook nog twee van hulle musiek videos die lug op MK, naamlik "Oggend Visie" (link na FB video : Oggend Visie en "Kom nou saam" (my persoonlike gunsteling). Hier is die video

Hierdie jaar sover, het launch "Kom nou saam" se musiek video in Holland, "Verken jou naaste" verskyn op MFM se Top 40 High Rotation chart en hulle word deur Paul Bothner gesponsor.

Hulle het ook die jaar opgetree by die KKNK, Cederberg fees en Rock The River Easter.
Ook ander shows, saam met die volgende kunstenaars : Van Coke Kartel, Ryno Velvet, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Crash Car Burn, Wrestlerish, Taxi Violence en Versus the Wolf. 

Verwag om nog baie van die ouens te hoor - hulle weet van Rock n Roll!

Hier is waar jy hulle in die volgende tyd kan te sien kry :

23 Julie - Nameless pub, Somerset West
28 Julie - Cheetahs, Brackenfell 
06 Aug - Atom Fest 2, Ceres
13 Aug - Purple Turtle

Facebook page : Obsessie met Als