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Die Rock Fees 3 at Paarl De Ville

Posted by: Ashley Brown

Die Rock Fees 3 vind die jaar plaas by PAARL DE VILLE net buite Stellenbosch so 18 km, so min of meer 45 km vanaf Kaapstad.


18:15 Indi Kalo
18:45 Voortvlugtend
19:35 Cherry Vynil
20:25 Anton Syndrome
21:15 Skelmbosch
22:00 Willim Welsyn & die Sunrise Toffies
23:00 Akkedis
24:00 Dog Town
01:00 Draadkar

12:00 The Vic Horne Project
12:35 Kieron en Kris
13:25 Stoker
14:10 Sondebok
15:00 Legatos
16:00 Silent Side
17:00 The Inside Job
18:00 Black Market Riots
19:00 Die Seisoen na Somer
20:00 Taxi Violence
21:00 Saintfearless
22:00 Fox Comet
23:00 Woodstock Mafia
24:00 Irvine
01:00 Olinosterfant

Chill music while pack up and go on own time.

(Include weekend camping and all shows)

(Include weekend camping and all shows)




No camping on greens of gholf field.
Use plastic glasses, will be supplied




BOOK NOW !!! To avoid dissapointment


Weekly Gig Guide 28 Nov - 4 Dec

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AudioPhile 021 Interview with CTMS

Posted by: Ashley Brown

Reading your biography it says you started with rock as genre and then slowly moved to electronic, explain this big transformation.

Growing up I was constantly surrounded by music. My mother is a very good pianist as was my grandfather and my father plays a fairly mean guitar.. Growing up I was exposed to all sorts of music from Beethoven to Cream and I was fascinated by how sounds fitted together and everything flowed together. I started playing the piano at age 6 and the flute at eleven both of which I continued until Matric. When I was thirteen I started learning the drums and that was when I realized that all I wanted to do was music. In high school I started playing in the schools Jazz band and that led to garage rock bands and a love for rock music fueled by the solid sounds of the 60's and 70's. I spent years fooling around in garage bands and consuming all the music I could, but I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something else out there that I was meant to do. somewhere around Standard 6(Grade 8) I remember The Prodigy - Experience came out and when I heard it I knew that electronic music was what I wanted to play and make..I was fascinated by the sounds and the rythm. It had everything I was looking for the rawness of rock and metal, with these psychodelic sounds and relentless multilayered beats.. I was hooked.

Many rock lovers don’t like electronic and say electronic artists are just pushing buttons, what would you say to this statement seeing that you came from rock?

I don't think that a lot of people realise the true complexity of electronic music.  It is very easy to judge something if you don't truly understand it. I guess that the same could be said for someone who does not understand rock music watching a band.. At the end of the day music is music and if it affects you in any way then the artist has been succesful in their intention.

You studied at the Cape Audio Collage. Tell us a bit more about your studies and your experiences.

Cape Audio College was a turning point for me. It opened my eyes to the complexity and depth involved in producing music of all genres. Prior to studying at Cape Audio I was at Wits studying Dramatic Arts and although I was already producing my own music I had no idea just how little of the surface I had actually scratched. I was fortunate to be in the same class as both Greg Reve (Triplet of Belville) and Adam Metcalf (Headroom) so it really pushed me to suceed. After Cape Audio College I was doing live sound and programming and I was brought back into the fold at CAC as an instructor and I was responsible for redeveloping their Electronic Music Production Course and DJ Courses. I spent a very happy 6 years there.. I love that place and their main studio was for many years my second home.

In your opinion, is it necessary to study today to make a living in the music industry?

I think it is always important to study full stop. Especially if you are going to venture into such a niche industry like the Music Industry. In order to be truly successful you need to be better than your competition. One of my lecturers at WITS always used to say take a look at the people on your left and right.. They are not your friends they are your competition. It sounds harsh to say, but it is true. The industry is tough and unforgiving and you need all the smarts you can to give you an edge. Also there is a big difference between making tunes in your bedroom and actually working with clients in the industry...

What would you say to someone that wants to become a electronic artist like yourself, what is the first steps to take?

Just start doing it. It is amazing how much information is available to you. These days you have a number of Digital audio Workstations and instruments available to you, you have unlimited resources via the internet and dedicated monthly music publications like Sound on Sound and Computer Music. When you start writing you instinctivly think that what you just wrote is the sh*t, We all thought that, but the real learning comes from having the guts to put your music out there, to have it torn apart and then take all of the criticisms and suggestions and apply them constructively to your next track.. it is an ongoing process.

Why do most electronic artist work on Mac Laptops?

 In my opinion Macs are just absolute work horses. They are stable and reliable and were designed to perform with high intensity operations like music, video and design. My Mac has been everywhere from the studio to Earthdance to Daisies. I look after it and it looks after me.

What has been your most memorable gig thus far and why?

I have two. Oppikoppi this year was mental. I played after Kid Fonque who is one of my favourite DJ's. The stage was sick and the system was off the hook and I got to take Saturday evening into Saturday night. I remember I was so into the set when all of a sudden  Jake Lipman  from Bteam popped up next to me handed me a beer and said look at that Stevie.. It was only then that I realised that the whole Koppie and dance floor were packed and everyone was just losing it!!!
The second was Earthdance also this year. I got to play one of the main sets and straight after SIBOT so I was super nervous.. I remember walking up onto stage just before Si finished playing and starting to set up and just seeing this heaving maelstrom of people.. It was an epic night..

You play a lot at The Assembly, what makes this venue different to others in your opinion?

The Assembly is like home to me. I really enjoy playing there, the sound is always fat and the crowd just loves to party. Also the intentions behind the club are honest and it really is a venue aimed at uplifting the music scene in Cape Town, providing a platform for established artists and  helping to nurture young young talent

How do you go by making new material?

I find the production of new material to be a very organic experience. I often find that I have watched or read something that plants a seed of an idea.. All I know is that I feel the need to write music all the time.. Once I am locked in to a new track I will work on it exclusively until it is finished. I truly believe that everything you start should be finished and to be honest more often than not it turns out very differently from how you originally envisioned it.

How do you feel about mixing your own song from scratch comparing to remixing a international hit?

Mixing my own material is probably the most time consuming part of the creative process. I am super O.C.D when it comes to how my tracks sound and I think that I sometimes over think the mixes. I usually end up with seven or eight versions of the pre master before I am happy with it. The same applies to the mixes I do for clients and for the studio although it is a little harder because you have to combine the client or bands  vision with your own creativity. Remixing for me is my escape, it is a way to keep work(if you can call it that) fun and challenging. I really enjoy taking a track and stripping it down to its bare essentials and then rebuilding it in my own way with my own flavor.

What artists do you love to perform with?

It's a long list.. But I have to say Sibot, he is an incredibly talented musician and his live show is mind blowing. Bteam because they always have so much fun on stage regardless. Mr. Sakitumi and Card On Spokes because they are exceptional multi talented musicians with phenomenal live shows. 7Ft Soundsystem because Yves is such a great producer, and then Haezer and Double Adapter simply for the fact that I always have an amazing time with them.

For those that don’t know AudioPhile 021, where can they get a taste of what to expect at a live show?

Music wise they can simply visit my soundcloud page. There are also videos scattered across the youtube etc. Bbut if you want a discription in a nutshell I guess you could say my sets start off like an episode of Wharehouse 13 and end up like a cross between Jurassic Park and Star Wars.

We know you are a DJ at night, but what is your day job?

I am the head engineer at Red Bull Studio in Cape Town, where I get to work with both established and emerging musicians to create unique cutting edge music. It really is an amazing job and I get to meet and work with some truly incredible people.

Any exciting news you can give us on AudioPhile 021?

I have a couple of cool colab projects on the go at the moment and I am also in the process of completing a number of remixes for various artists. However, the most exciting thing for me at the moment is not even music related. I am getting married in December and I am super excited.

Cape Town Bike Festival 16 to 18 December 2011

Posted by: Ashley Brown
Cape Town Bike Festival


A full-throttle celebration of two-wheeled wonders and everything that goes along with motorbike culture, the Cape Town Bike Festival (CTBF) will roar into life from 16-18 December at the Cape Town Stadium.
And what´s more, not content with merely tearing up the neighbourhood flower beds, the CTBF will be desecrating the Cape Town Stadium turf as the internationally-acclaimed Masters of Dirt bring their death-defying stunts to the party.

A sensory feast full of hi-revving hi-jinks and elements of expo, festival-goers can expect the heady rush of exhaust fumes, a cacophony of international and local music acts, daring dirt bike extravaganzas and, just in case you suffer from good-time memory loss, tattoo artists are there to make their indelible mark.

The first and largest festival of its kind in South Africa, the CTBF isn’t just aimed at bearded men in leathers - although if you’re lucky you might just bump into some of them - instead, the CTBF will be a cultural fix that aims to attract not only the biking fraternity- the beats, broads, beefhearts and boneys, but additional music fans, families and visitors from around the globe.

Set to become an international highlight on the South African events calendar, this three-day festival starts with a breakfast run daily and ends long after sunset.

During daytime festival hours, the custom-built racetrack will be used for Junior MX, Scooter Races and Supercross while South Africa’s Super Motard Champion, the legendary Brian Capper, will be performing stunts to the collective gasps of the crowd.

After dark, the arena will be transformed into an pulsating pyrotechnic production by the world famous ‘Masters of Dirt Freestyle Show’ and top rock and electronic music acts


International rock sensation, Seether, will headline the music bill at the monumental Cape Town Bike Festival which takes place at the Cape Town Stadium, 16th-18th December 2011.

The first of its kind in South Africa, the Cape Town Bike Festival (CTBF) combines the world of motorbikes with live entertainment, unique product displays and daring dirt bike extravaganzas including the international Masters of Dirt team, over three epic days.

Seether´s unique brand of post-grunge rock, meanwhile, will be one of the highlights of the entertainment offering at the CTBF and will have fans roaring for more with their hits such as “Fake it” and “Rise Above This”.

Formed in 1999 (originally known as Saron Gas), Seether quickly gained prominence in SA’s rock world with their debut release, “Fragile”, becoming one of the best-selling titles of the year, resulting in Seether emerging as a top live band.

Now based in the U.S., Seether made their initial impact on American rock charts with their 2002 album “Disclaimer” and, following a career that has spanned nearly a decade, the power trio of lead singer Shaun Morgan, bassist Dale Stewart and drummer John Humphrey have toured the globe on the back of five Gold and Platinum-selling albums.

Friday 16 December:
11h00   CTBF  opens to the public. Food , wine + beer village opens.
             Practise rides by Junior MX, FMX, SX.   Supercross heats.
13h00   Junior MX race.
             Brian Capper stunt show.
14h00   Band 1: Peechy Keen  
15h00   Supercross finals.
16h00   Band 2:The Plastics  
17h00   Celebrity scooter Jam.
             Brian Capper stunt show.
19h00   Band 3: Zebra & Giraffe  
             Miss Biker SA introduction. Winner announced on Sunday.
21h00   Band 4: Seether
22h00   World Famous ´Masters of Dirt´ Freestyle Motorcross show

Saturday 17 December :
11h00   CTBF  opens to the public. Food , wine + beer village opens.
             Practise rides by Junior MX, FMX, SX.   Supercross heats.
13h00   Junior MX race.
             Brian Capper stunt show.
14h00   Band 1: Graeme Watkins Project  
15h00   Supercross finals.
16h00   Band 2: Taxi Violence
17h00   Celebrity scooter Jam.
             Brian Capper stunt show.
19h00   Band 3: Mark Haze  
             Miss Biker SA introduction. Winner announced on Sunday.
21h00   Band 4: Haddaway
22h00   World Famous ´Masters of Dirt´ Freestyle Motorcross show

Sunday 18 December:
11h00   CTBF  opens to the public. Food , wine + beer village opens.
             Practise rides by Junior MX, FMX, SX.   Supercross heats.
13h00   Junior MX race.
             Brian Capper stunt show.
14h00   Band 1: Tidal Waves
15h00   Supercross finals.
16h00   Band 2: Good Luck
17h00   Celebrity scooter Jam.
             Brian Capper stunt show.
19h00   Band 3: Locnville
             Miss Biker SA introduction. Winner announced on Sunday.
21h00   Band 4: Mac Stanley (Previously Flat Stanley)
22h00   World Famous ´Masters of Dirt´ Freestyle Motorcross show

Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekly Gig Guide 21 Nov - 27 Nov

Posted by Ashley Brown
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No events posted yet!
Dana Snyman en Klopjag by Ou Meulteater in die Paarl
FHM Top 100 Versus at ZAR Cape Town


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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Posted by: Ashley Brown

Afrika se grootste rock 'n roll toer, Die MK Avontoer – die een wat alle ander musiektoere soos ouetehuis-uitstappies laat lyk – se enjins vuur reeds om volgende maand hulle 6de aanslag op die Suid-Afrikaanse kus te vier.

In die gees van die reisende karnivalle van ouds bring die MK Avontoer ’n spul musikante, fotograwe, troebadoere, kulkunstenaars, seerowers, aanhangers en gemene geesdriftiges saam vir ‘n ongekende mobiele partytjie.

Met meer as ’n 130 kreatiewe kreature gekonsentreerd op 2 busse, wat hulle eie tentedorp saamsleep en niks meer op die spyskaart het as ‘n goeie tyd nie, is Die MK Avontoer al sedert 2006 die kersie op die kus se kerskalender.

Die Avontoer alumni sluit verteenwoordeigers vanuit elke uithoek van die Suid-Afrikaanse diaspora in wat vir ’n paar dae in Desember skouer aan skouer ‘n baanbrekende, genre buigende, kopsmeltende avontuur  met mekaar deel.

Avontoer datums :

21 Dec - Bazouki Restaurant (die ou “The Terrace”) @ Club Mykonos, Langebaan
23 Dec - Cheers Pub, Struisbaai
27 Dec - Sandbaaisaal, Hermanus
29 Dec - Pirates Bar at Diaz Strand Hotel, Mosselbaai
31 Dec - GrootGeesRockFees VI, Stilbaai


Van Coke Kartel
Die Tuindwergies
New Holland
No One’s Arc
Holiday Murray 
Friendly Lemons
The December Streets
Loveglove Pyrotechnics


Die Heuwels Fantasties  –  Mosselbaai  29 Des
Jack Parow – Langebaan 21 Dec,  Struisbaai 23 Des
Mr Cat & The Jackal – Hermanus 27 Des
KONGOS (Vanaf die VSA) – 31 Des
Tony and the Trailer Cats – Stilbaai 31 Des
Saintfearless – Stilbaai 31 Des

Alle kaartjies kos R70 (Computicket) en R80 (by die deure). Computicket kaartjies moet vooraf by ‘n Computicket-toonbank afgehaal word; dit kan nie by die hek ingeruil word nie.

*Bring kontant – daar is ongelukkig geen kaartfasiliteite nie.

Om ’n seerower op Die MK 6de Avontoer te wees stuur ’n posduif vir Maak ook seker jy gaan na om te sien hoe jy ’n seerower sitplek op een van die busse kan losslaan. Die gelukkige wenners sal op Donderdag 15 Desember op MK  se Studio 1 aangekondig word.

All inligting oor kaartjepryse, venue lineups en begintye is by te vinde. Daar is ook ’n inskrywingsblad vir musiekgroepe wat volgende jaar wil deel wees van Avontoer.

Die Avontoer verwelkom musiekliefhebbers van alle ouderdomme; ’n toegewyde sekuriteitspan toer saam en sal op die uitkyk wees vir onder 18’s wat probeer drink. Bring jou ID of rybewys saam as jy die kroeg wil betree. Alle Avontoeraanhangers kom bou gees op eie risiko.

Avontoer op Facebook:
Avontoer op Twitter:
Bel Avontoer:         082 854 9109

Kaartjies vir Stilbaai locals sal plaaslik verkoop word. Hou Cape Town Music Scene dop vir meer inligting!

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Weekly Gig Guide 14 Nov - 20 Nov

Posted by Ashley Brown
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Vans Music Night


On the 3rd December, The Assembly in Cape Town will play host to South African version of the 'Vans Off The Wall Music Night'. Held annually in 26 different countries around the world, the Vans Off The Wall Music Night tour occurs from the 18th of November to the 18th of December this year and it will be the first time this punk rock extravaganza will be taking place in South Africa!

Not only will the event feature two stages showcasing more than ten top local acts, but also Catherine Grenfell from 5FM as the MC for the evening and...

...a headline DJ set by the one-and-only DATAROCK!!


The Great Apes
Bilderberg motel
DJ Sideshow
Tommy Gun
Sexual Tension
Iron Leyden
Catherine Grenfell MC

More about some of the acts performing at the South African Vans Off The Wall Music Night:


DATAROCK is pretty much a global name. Their albums are both critically acclaimed across the world, and even their debut album was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. Later on the album reached NME's list of "Best albums of 2006". DATAROCK's second album "RED" was also nominated for a Norwegian Grammy, it was "Critics Choice of the Week" in New York Times and stateside MTV even headhunted and put the video for "True Stories" on rotation at MTV U - bizarrely as this single never was commercially released outside of Norway.

Having played more than 700 shows in 33 countires around the world, this will be DATAROCK’s first time in South Africa.


Sabretooth consists of six highly talented musicians who love to play 80’s inspired progressive hard rock, determined to bring you a sound both visually and aurally impressive.

In the short time of the bands existence, Sabretooth have shared the stage with the likes of Seven Year Kismet (UK) and Horse the Band (USA) on their SA tours. They’ve also played at Winterfest Metal Fest ’10, Whiplash Metal Fest ’10, Noisefest Alternative Festival ’10, Ramfest Alternative Festival ’11 and Synergy Live Music Festival ’10.

The Great Apes

With the focus of their music on rhythm, vocal melody and drums, their music demands to be followed whilst creating a structure that make the wailing vocals and rest of the band flow in an easily digestible punkish way. The produce real Rock & Roll with a bluesy undertone.

And many more...

Be sure to check out this link where you can apply for FREE tickets to the event:

Tickets for the Vans Off The Wall Music Night are pre-sold for R50 on Webtickets at, and R60 at the door.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

ZULA FEST II - 11 & 12 November 2011

Post by: Ashley Brown
ZULA FEST II - 11 & 12 November 2011

This November Zula Sound Bar in Cape Town brings you ZULA FEST on the 11th and the 12th of November. For one weekend only, they will be showcasing some of the hottest South African acts currently on the local music scene!

FRIDAY, 11 November


Captain Stu
Nomfusi & The Lucky Charms
Josie Field

Hog Hoggidy Hog
Bed on Bricks
3rd World Spectator
The Little Kings

SATURDAY, 12 November


EJ Von Lyrik
Sons of Selassie
The Limenals


Taxi Violence
The Plastics
Lonesome Dave Ferguson
St Fearless
The Matt Samson Project

Tickets are available pre-sold on the new Zula Website for R75 for one night entry.

Weekend tickets are R150 and one night entry at the door is R80.

Check out the brand new Zula Website at:

Robots Get the Girls

Interviewed by: Ashley Brown
 Robots Get The Girls interview with Cape Town Music Scene 

Robots Get The Girls: Scotty and Kyle

Firstly explain the name Robots Get the Girls?
Kyle: It’s just a fact!
Scotty: Yeah robots are sexy…
Kyle: We actually just read that 6 out of 5 girls find robots really attractive.
Scotty: We found that out thanks to the Census… No, we’re talking nonsense. The names just a private joke between this guy(Kyle) and I.
Kyle: And don’t ask what the joke is because then it wouldn’t be private!

Who are the members and what are the roles of each one?
Kyle: The Robots are Scotty and myself and on the production side you’ll hear the beats of Nicbeats(Dom Petersen) and live we’re joined by Chris Taylor on the decks and Mike Bakker on drums and samples.

Is there any plans for an album production in the near future? And do you have an idea for the name of the album?
Scotty: We started working on when we started Robots Get the Girls at the end of January earlier this year and we plan to release early 2012.
Kyle: And we’ll be announcing the name and concept of the album in the near future.

Who is the creative one writing lyrics for RGTG?
Kyle: Scotty and I both write the lyrics for Robots.

What artists are you guys listening to at the moment for inspiration or even just in general?
Kyle: For song writing and musical influence it’s a big mix… I draw from Mike Posner, 3oh3!, David Guetta, Glitch Mob.
Scotty: Yeah we like the same music so I’ll just add those amazing artists with guys like Skrillex, Cobra Starship, Calvin Harris, Example and Far East Movement.

Give a short description of each of your personalities for us?
Scotty: I’ll describe Kyle…He’s rude, selfish, obnoxious, begrudgenistic…
Kyle: I was going to say that you’re a nice guy…
Scotty: Hey I don’t want to lie dude!

Bands or artists that you would love to share the stage with?
Scotty: Wow, too many to mention…
Kyle: Actually just refer to our previous answer about our influences.

Tell us more about the Plus 1’s music video-the idea behind it, who’s in the video, where it was made, etc.
Scotty: It was an awesome video shoot to be a part of and we owe so much to Kyle Lewis, the Dirty Soul Production team and Black Static Media for the concept and really good execution of the video.
Kyle: They really did an awesome job and we’re really proud of it. Shot at a club in Claremont, Cape Town and we had the best looking features and extra’s in this video and let me add that everyone was so cool to work with…
Scotty: We literally don’t have a bad thing to say about the video!

Plus 1’s video has more than 11500 views (which is big), but RGTG haven’t even launched an album yet. How did you go about advertising the video?
Kyle: Haha, as you say that it’s just gone passed 19 000 views.
Scotty: And honestly we don’t know. As a ‘band’ or ‘music project’, whatever people want to call us, we’ve only been public for just under a month and the video’s only been around for two and a half weeks…so I’ll say again, we don’t really know.
Kyle: It was the first song we wrote as Robots, got to make an awesome video and what really helped was that Kfm 94.5 and Highveld Stereo 94.7 liked it and we got to launch it on Stacey Norman’s show live on air. Look we obviously showed it to friends & they must have shown their friends,  posted on the new Robots facebook page aswell as YouTube which is all we could do.
Scotty: And within a few days it clocked a few thousand views.

Quick facts:
Oldest in the band:
Kyle: I’m the youngest by a month
Scotty: Which makes me the oldest…

Bands favourite drink:
Kyle and Scotty: Redbull!
Scotty: We wouldn’t be able to make it through some of the long nights in studio without it!

Bands favourite food:
Kyle and Scotty: Coco-Pops and Sushi.
Kyle: Haha, more things that we can’t do without in studio!

Coffee or Tea:
Scotty: Neither
Kyle: Coffee

Twitter names:
Kyle: @RobotKyle…and it’s a good question because I’ve been trying to get Scotty on Twitter for a while now.
Scotty: Yeah so my name is hash tag idontdotwittersogetoveritkyle…seriously though, that’s not my name so don’t try and add me.
Kyle: It’s ‘follow’ dude, you don’t add people on twitter.
Scotty: You know what I mean!

Go like ROBOTS GET THE GIRLS now on Facebook!
Follow Kyle on Twitter: @RobotKyle

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Weekly Gig Guide 7 Nov - 13 Nov

Posted by Ashley Brown
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Thursday, 3 November 2011

CAPTAIN STU video launch Siamese Twin

Posted by: Ashley Brown

CAPTAIN STU launched the music video for their new single, SIAMESE TWIN, today. The video was shot over two weekends in August at the band house, also known as the House of Pain. Conceptualised and directed by Jade Mulvany and Frances Kroon, the idea was to cast kids aged 10-12 that looked like the band members and have them act out a childlike ‘play play’ scenario where one of them is in love with a siamese twin and the others perform an operation to separate the girls.

“Because of the easy-going, fun persona of the band, we have visited and revisited the nostalgia theme in many of our visual elements in the video. Retro arcade games, robots, aliens, Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Superheroes and many other elements from our childhood have made an appearance, so we thought it would be great to continue with that theme and actually recreate a bit of our childhoods in the video.”

CAPTAIN STU chose SIAMESE TWIN as the next single seeing as it is a fun song that has a quirky, different feel while still being quite catchy and the fact that the quirkiness of the song translated well into a video concept.

“Siamese Twin has a very different feel to it than The Day; it’s a bit more out there and wacky and a tiny bit dark. So in a way it's showing a bit of a different side to Captain Stu, which we are very excited to be doing.”
Captain Stu - Siamese Twin Video

Also have a look at the Behind-The-Scenes video of the making of SIAMESE TWIN music video here:
Behind the scenes video

Be sure to catch CAPTAIN STU live at Zula Bar in Cape Town on the 11th of November with Hog Hoggidy Hog, 340ml and Little Kings, Unit 11 in Durban on the 19th of November with The Trees and Synergy Live Festival on the 27th of November.

CAPTAIN STU on Facebook:
CAPTAIN STU on Twitter: @Captainstu