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Die Groot Gees Rock Fees 6

Posted by: Ashley Brown
Cape Town Music Scene will be giving away a DOUBLE TICKET to Die Groot Gees Rock Fees 6.
To win just comment on this blog post, telling us why you should win! Winner announced Thursday 29 December!

Date: Saturday, December 31, 2011
Time: 11:00am

The line-up will kick off with a band with Van Coke Kartel!

Van Coke Kartel
Die Tuindwergies
New Holland
No One's Arc
Holiday Murray
Loveglove Pyrotechnics
Friendly Lemons
December Streets

Guest Bands:

R70 pre-sold
R80 by deur




Simply, there are two truly important people in the music industry: the Artist and the fan. All we need to do is find a way to connect them. Without any awkward on-stage concert hugs.

We produce and consume more music than at any other point in our history, yet revenue from music sales has plummeted more than 60% in just a decade. The music business is running on a model that has failed us all, led by seven or so businesses conglomerates unable to adapt to fundamental changes in how we create, communicate and consume media.

Why go Airborne?
Airborne is the antidote to the business of music. For just $1 a month, any fan (we call them Carriers) anywhere in the world gets unlimited access to the Artists they love. And 70% of that goes directly to the Artist. No smoke and mirrors - you love the music, now you get to love the people who make it.

It takes more than -
to make the U.S. minimum wage.

... or just
1,658 Carriers / month


Signing up to Airborne instantly transforms a fan into a Carrier and guarantees them access to all the content an Artist has at their disposal. Minutes after it is released, any track (Strain) is available to you, to be consumed and shared any way you like.
That’s a whole lot of love for just $1.

Airborne was created in the spirit of rock n' roll (and drum & bass, country & western, R&B… you get the picture). We've spent four years ensuring that Airborne is the door through which Carriers can get straight to the music they love, whilst Artists get to make a living from the continued support of those who love them the most. After all, one dollar from a million people is still a million dollars.


For Artists, Airborne offers more than just a regular, subscription-style revenue stream. Airborne allows real-time tracking of their Carriers’ behaviour: who’s downloading the most Strains, who’s sharing them, who’s infecting new Carriers and who deserves a reward or two.

Hey, music is a virus, and by spreading your work through Airborne – and rewarding those who are investing in you with a little bit extra – you ensure that that virus keeps giving back.
As with any instrument, Airborne is what you make of it.




Every track (Strain) is stored in the cloud and is yours to stream, download, share and love for as long as you both shall live. As a Carrier, you get to share the music Strains you Carry with anyone anywhere in the world on any device or social network. Well, anywhere where they have access to the Internet, but you get the point. Share a link to the Artist’s Strain and everyone becomes a potential new Carrier, infecting in your social network with the Artists you love and creating a viral tidal wave of support for their work Airborne works directly with Artists and their representatives. We don’t do middle men. All music is uploaded directly by the Artist and universally licensed under the Creative Commons 3 license.

About Creative Commons
The Creative Commons develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.
All Airborne music is licensed, by the Artist, under the Creative Commons 3 BY-NC-SA License. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.


The very latest in web presentation technology – HTML5 – ensures an interactive environment in-line with worldclass user expectations, and allows Airborne to deliver a unified and universal experience across browsers and devices, including mobile.

Lying at the heart of Airborne is a rock-solid and revolutionary blend of art and science. Thousands of hours of bespoke design and engineering has resulted in a simple, elegant and essentially unbreakable system with the power to scale and serve at the very edges of what is technically possible.


Airborne Transmission Technology uses nothing more than simple link-sharing to enable and track sharing across the network. Artists and Carriers can thus effortlessly share links to Airborne music using any social network, IM, e-mail or other auch piece of socialtechnology amazingness.

Airborne Technology
Airborne collects micro-transaction subscriptions from users anywhere in the world and pays out collections to Artists anywhere in the world, all securely handled by the planet’s leading payment technology providers: eMerchantPay (card transactions) and PayPal.

Airborne delivers music within minutes of Artist release thanks to our Tier-1 Cloud Content Distribution Network partners, and can distribute the Strains virally across all social networks.

Airborne connects real Artists with core fans and tracks the spread of everything from their music sharing to their influence, activity and interest, all in real-time.


Airborne does:
• Offer a direct link between Artists and their fans (Carriers). US$1 a month lets a Carrier become a patron of the Artist they love, and in return they receive a constant flow of music from the Artist.
• Enable music to travel freely and legally to just about any Internet connection on the planet, bringing millions of previously inaccessible Carriers in contact with Artists from across the globe.
• Monetise the connection between Carriers and the music they love. We do not sell CDs, offer streaming or digital downloads - these are simply promotional tools used by the Artists.
• Work alongside existing social media channels. We're an “and”, not an “or”.

Airborne is not:
• A streaming service. Yes, we stream music, but it's not what Airborne was born to do.
• A U.S. company. Although we do happily and comprehensively service the United States.
• A record label. We do not offer advances, sign exclusivity, long-term contracts or wear power suits.
• A music retailer. Fans (Carriers) directly financially support the Artists they love. Artists, in return, distribute their music to these core fans in the hope that they will spread it. We do, however, have plans for an online back catalogue music store.
• An opinion driver. Airborne is simply a network with the capability to accommodate any and every musician on Earth, from your little brother banging pots in the kitchen to Lady Gaga.
• A supporter of illegal piracy. But we do acknowledge and leverage the awesome power of file sharing.
• Anti any other music distribution format or company. We're simply an alternative offering, one we believe
will provide Artists and Fans with the most beneficial means of existing together in the modern world.


Can any Artist use Airborne?
Initially, we’re working with a few key Artists to refine our system, but we’ll be flinging open the doors soon enough. If your neighbour fancies his drum-circle as the best thing since Jimi, then it’s time he went Airborne.

OK, so how much?
Airborne is - and will always be - a free service to Artists. To cover our costs and keep advertising off the platform, we take a 30% commission - and roughly 5% of that goes to the payment gateway. The rest covers the downloading, streaming, storing and serving of your music across the world. At the highest quality possible. We do, of course, make a little profit out of this, but as you can tell, our success is directly linked to the artists’ success.

If an Artist is already signed to a label, can they use Airborne?
Most Artists are pretty savvy with their rights these days. But if an artist has signed away their soul (a.k.a. their digital distribution rights), then the answer is probably a “no”. Signed artists without limitations on the digital distribution of their music, can distribute via Airborne under the Creative Commons license. If artists are unsure, they simply need to check with their label or let their people talk to our people to try work something out.

Does Airborne control the rights or own the Artist’s music?
No. When an Artist releases music through Airborne, they license it under the Creative Commons license with themselves as the original Artist. This governs what people can and cannot do with their content and it’s pretty simple and clear to everyone (not to mention standardised). Airborne simply helps make music free for the Artist’s fans and encourages them to share it in a way that actually gives them value.

How does this work with an artist’s Facebook, twitter, iTunes and TuneCore accounts?
It’s one big circle of value. Social channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are a great tool to recruit and cultivate new Carriers. Airborne is non-exclusive (the Artist has control), so they can keep their options open with services like iTunes/TuneCore, but once they have actually sat and done the maths, it'll become pretty obvious that it makes far more sense to drive value through their Airborne account and connect with their fans directly.

How do Artists turn their fans into Carriers?
Any way they can. Once they have signed up with Airborne and we have created their Artist page, they can use all of their social channels, mailing lists, live performances, etc. to tell their fans that the easiest way to give some love back to the music they love so much is to get Airborne for just $1/ month. An Artist’s Carriers are their front-line fans, they’re investing in the Artist’s career, so it is in the Artist’s interest to spice up the deal and get them salivating with Airborne only content (remixes, hidden tracks, experimental and live material). Ultimately: the value that Artists create for their Carriers is what drives the model, so they just need to carry on doing what they do best: innovate, experiment and shout about it.

Airborne: Who and why?
Airborne is the answer to the question: “If the music industry is sick, how can we fix it.” In 2007, founder Justin R. Melville scribbled the words “music is the virus and the
virus is Airborne” on a sketch diagram. Over the next four years, aided by an incredible team, those words have transformed into the first truly universal platform capable of making a significant impact on the modern music industry. Airborne gives Artists and fans what they have always wanted: a place for us to support the Artists we love and get a constant flow of music in return. We don’t want the spotlight. We want Airborne to be about the Artists and their connection with their Carriers. And we’re betting big that this will be the future of the industry. Really, really big.

The Core team behind Airborne.

Founder and Captain
Previously Principal and Design Chief at RUBIKS ROOM
(TRR Digital Industries) with a background in design and
intellectual capital development.
Twitter: @JustinRMelville

Tame Rockstar
Songwriter and lead guitarist of Bed on Bricks with a
background in sales, financial services and event
Twitter: @DaveLinden

Mission Controller
Serial entrepreneur with a background in property and
Twitter: @gusvds

Viral Engineer
Previously Research Analyst and Community Manager at
RUBIKS ROOM (TRR Digital Industries) with a background
in psychology and music.
Twitter: @CapeofStones

Community Engineer
Previously co-founder and Technical Chief at RUBIKS
ROOM (TRR Digital Industries) with a background in
product design and community management.
Twitter: @ruark

What our Artists are saying about Airborne.

This is the future of the music business, man. Befok!”
- Wynand Myburgh (Van Coke Kartel)

”I think this is a great idea, and I’d love to be a part of it. I have
a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, but I currently work full-time
making pizzas to pay off my student loans; an opportunity for
some music-based income would increase the time and effort
I’m able to spend on my music dramatically, which would allow
me to put my education and aspirations to much better use.”
- Brandon MacNeil (All Those Ships)

“I love that with Airborne Music we can control what’s getting
- Julian Corbin (The Breaktone)

“Been dreaming all night ‘bout Airborne! It’s f***ing brilliant!
Let’s make it happen.”
- John Savage

“Absolutely brilliant - great design, clear message and
encouraging, exciting product - viva Airborne.”
- Robin Lancaster (Lancaster Band)

“Brilliant initiative and system, I believe it’s gonna be big!”
- Corneil Clasen (December Streets)

These are the words that helped shape us.

“There are only two people who matter in the music business:
the artist and the fan. The rest of us in the middle need to
either add value or get the hell out of the way.”
- Al Teller

“Piracy is not the enemy, obscurity is.”
- Tim O’Reilly

“CWF (connect with fans) + RTB (reason to buy) = $$”
- Mike Masnick

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them.”
- Albert Einstein

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Weekly Gig Guide 26 Dec - 31 Dec

Posted by Ashley Brown
The New Years Edition!
Cape Town Music Scene, now keeping you up to date with our Weekly Gig Guide
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Please let us know what you think about our new Weekly Gig Guide
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Friday, 23 December 2011

Johannesburg and Pretoria Music Scene Launch:

Cape Town Music Scene is proud to announce that after the success of Cape Town Music Scene in 2011, we have decided to spread north! We are planning on bringing you the same up to date gig listings, info on bands, inside scoops, interviews and much more!

With the growth of Cape Town Music Scene and the support we have received from the public and the recognition that bands and artists have given us, we have decided to expand to Johannesburg and Pretoria.
Both Johannesburg and Pretoria Music Scene will be run as Cape Town Music Scene, but at the same time will be a individual company.

The growth and support we have been receiving has given us the chance to approach sponsors so that we can launch the official website for Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria Music Scene in early 2012. With sponsors we will be able to do more for you, give away some free stuff and most important keep you updated of what is the newest news, events and growth in the broader South African Music Scene.

Johannesburg and Pretoria Music Scene both launched their Facebook page and we would like to ask all the loyal supporters of Cape Town Music Scene to invite their friends to join both Johannesburg and Pretoria Music Scene.

Johannesburg Music Scene:

Pretoria Music Scene:

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Curious Blurb

Curious Blurb

The Curious Incident is a mixed-bag band of multinationals fighting modern rock
conventions with their Leopard/Snake Rock.

Imagine: A Motown-loving African Mars Volta with dashes of Led Zep, QOTSA &
early Santana churned into the energetic power of a thousand stampeding elephants.

Curious Blurb

Kyle Verhagen-Roberts
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Percussion

Jack Stephenson-Oliver
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Diaz Meidiawan
Drums & Percussion

Francesco Moreno
Bass, Keyboard & Backing Vocals

“It’s hard to take a bow if you’re not willing to bend”
The Curious Incident is a mash of Afro/Latin/Rock with soul that is proudly
eclectic and ambitiously international. The ‘Incident’ is Shaka Zulu Rock dueling with
Conquistador Rock while Motown Soul provokes them (but in a gentlemanly fashion).

“Claims of Rainbow Nation but both sides still see in black & white”
South Africa – The Rainbow Nation - and the “worldwide dirt and shine of
human existence” come through as major influences both musically and
lyrically. This band of multinationals welcomes everything curious and do not
discriminate when pulling up fans from the crowd to participate in the song or dance.

“We all sound the same in some different way”
The Curious Incident draws inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin and
early Santana as well as from contemporaries such as The Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age and Incubus through to South Africa’s very own BLK JKS.
The band’s “slightly off-beat flamboyance” is tempered with, as put by founding member and vocalist Kyle Roberts, “enough mainstream appeal so as not to alienate the larger audience.”

“Dreams were built and broken down, I’m rebuilding my dreams wearing my paper crown”
More ambitious than your average politician” and “spreading like swine flu”, The Curious
Incident is about to release their self-titled six-track EP and take their Afro/Latin/Rock around the world.
Their energy and spasmodic rhythmical-writhing need a stage. So, armed with tales of intrigue, relentless passion, electrifying electric as well as heart-warming acoustic shows, The Curious Incident will take to the world and refill your empty brand name energy cans.

“How great would it be for words from one’s own mind to be...
immortalised, built into the fabrics of time, concreted in the minds of history”

Here's The Curious Incident's tour dates thus far:

1 January 2012: Rock the River SA music festival
5 January 2012: Zula Bar on Long Street in Cape Town
13 January 2012: Tanz Cafe in Fourways in JHB (electric show)
14 January 2012: Arcade Empire in Pretoria (electric show)
15 January 2012: Tanz Cafe in Fourways in JHB (acoustic show)

Curious Press:
The Playground (London)
“...Great guitarist and charismatic front man and loved their Darkness rock start and crowd
connecting. They were obviously the star turn on the live front.”
Andy Ross (ex Food Records & Blur)
“Great guitar player, reminds me of Rick Derringer.”
Tecla Ciofli (Your LMG)
“...Leaves the door wide open for critical reception and fan appreciation.”

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Die Vegas Show

What else is there? 
South African media, although much more developed than in recent years, has currently reached an obvious plateau in terms of the quality and originality of local productions. Television networks are just not succeeding in adding value to the entertainment industry and it is this gaping hole in the market that Die Vegas Show will strive to stopper. The production focuses on introducing local artists to the public in a completely relaxed environment, thereby giving viewers the opportunity to experience them in their natural element. Upcoming episodes include interviews with a wide variety of interesting personalities, including high profile musicians, actors, sports stars and politicians. Viewers can look forward to 24 minute-long episodes brimming with witty remarks and strong opinions that serve to violently challenge the status quo.

What is Die Vegas Show? 
Die Vegas Show is a brand new, TV-based entertainment and lifestyle television programme with Rufio Vegas as presenter. The series was launched in June 2011 as online episodes that strove to provide the relevant, intelligent straight-shooting entertainment that South Africa's younger viewers have come to expect. Episodes involve day-long interview sessions in 'mockumetary' format, presented in a manner that ditches pretension and conventional media perception in favour of the 'Vegas factor'.

The first season consists of six episodes that include interviews with aKing, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Jack Parow, Mr Cat and The Jackal, Neels van Jaarsveld, as well as Inge Beckman.

Who is Die Vegas Show? 
Die Vegas Show is the brainchild of Rufio Vegas and is created and distributed by a group of young, enthusiastic individuals who believe in the ethos of the production and as such willingly invests their time and energy in the project. The developers form part of a sub cultural phenomenon that is slowly but surely infiltrating the South African cultural landscape and reforming it from within.

Why Die Vegas Show? 
Die Vegas Show, much like Fokofpolisiekar succeeded in changing the South African rock 'n roll landscape and Jack Parow did away with existing opinions about South African rap, is set to blow new life into the television medium while shifting a few paradigms along the way. Viewers will also be able to participate in a lively online community that includes an active website, Vimeo channel and Facebook Group where associated content is displayed and promoted under a ‘Vriende/Friends’ tab. It is this approach that leads the developers of the show to believe that Die Vegas Show will eventually become a blanket term for an exciting new launch pad for a variety of media and film experiments.

For more information or interviews with Vegas, contact Ice Carstens on:
Phone: 072 516 1703

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

CTMS Top 10 bands 2011

We, as Cape Town Music Scene, have chosen our Top 10 Cape Town based bands for 2011. These bands have been chosen by the founder of CTMS, Jaco Brill and the blogger of CTMS, Ashley Brown. The bands where not judged by specific criteria, but where chosen on how we, see them as big and up coming bands, making big waves in the Cape Town music industry. These bands are sleeping giants, working hard for gigs, making a lot of effort to be seen and who sacrifice blood, sweat and tears to get the acknowledgment they deserve from their fans. Please note : this is just our opinion - it is neither right or wrong - just our opinion. Some people will agree with the list, some will disagree - that is why we are individuals. Also note, it is just bands, and not solo artists, DJ's, etc. Here they are...

CTMS Top 10:

1 - Saintfearless

2 - LA .VI

3 - Holiday Murray

4 - Mr.Cat and the Jackal

5 - 3rd World Spectator

6 - The Rescu

7 - Peachy Keen

8 - Dogtown

9 - When Karma Sleeps

10 - The Mysticcs

Monday, 19 December 2011

Weekly Gig Guide 19 Dec - 25 Dec

Posted by Ashley Brown
Cape Town Music Scene, now keeping you up to date with our Weekly Gig Guide
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No events

from the Cape Town Music Scene Team!!!

Please let us know what you think about our new Weekly Gig Guide
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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Backsberg Picnic Series 2012

Backsberg Estate Cellars, in association with kykNET, can’t wait to have you on the farm for their third Picnic Concert Series. Brilliant artists such as: Freshly Ground, Francois van Coke, Koos Kombuis and Dan Patlansky will have you tapping your toes to their awesome acoustic vibes.

There is a slight twist with the series this year as each of the performers will be bringing an up and coming artist with them to open the gig. It will be interesting to see who the artists believe is the future of South African music.

There is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than relaxing in the sun with a glass of fine wine as brilliant artists entertain you. Pack your umbrella, picnic blankets and lunches as kykNET and Backsberg take care of the rest. Audiences can choose to pre-book a special Backsberg picnic to enjoy with these sunset acoustic performances, or buy one of our famous lamb burgers at the venue.  And, of course, it‘s just better with a glass of Backsberg wine.

Pre-sale tickets for the concerts and picnics will be on sale from the 10th of November from Tickets are R85 or R170 with a picnic and R100.00 at the gate. Children under 12 years get in free when accompanied by their parents. 

Admission to concert venue starts at 15:00, with the opening act starting at 16:00 and the main act at 17:00. For the full line up of bands, directions, comments, and more information on the series, please visit 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

MacGyver Knife Stumble Release!

Posted by: Ashley Brown

MacGyver Knife stop-motion video Stumble

MacGyver Knife recently released their video for Stumble, the first single taken off their debut album, Sewing Legend. Shot in Woodstock and Cape Town’s CBD using stop-motion photography, Stumble is brought to life. Produced by Echo Ledge Productions, Stumble is directed by Matthew Griffiths.

"We wanted to capture the motion of the music and the concept of stumbling in an innovative way, while still keeping the quirky edge which the band loves. So, we decided to combine live action and stop-motion as the band make their way through the city, giving each section of the song its own animation style to keep viewers wanting to see what's next," says Griffiths.

Aptly Capetonian

"The song has a punchy, fast-paced feel. I always pictured a video with running and action and explosions, but we had no budget, so we went with stop-motion. The fast pace was created by moving ridiculously slowly, a contradiction which is kinda aptly Capetonian," says Mishal Pandie, leader singer of MacGyver Knife.

MacGyver Knife is Mishal Pandie on lead vocals, Maahir Pandie on guitar and backing vocals, Zaheer Gaffoor on drums and percussion and Zaahier Kamedien on bass.

Sewing Legend is available in Cape Town at Revolution Records in Observatory (Lower Main Rd) and at MABU Vinyl in town (off Kloof near the Labia Theatre/City Varsity). The album is also available on iTunes, and at

For more on MacGyver Knife:

Links you might like on MacGyver Knife:

The Eagles Tour SA

Posted by: Ashley Brown

The Eagles will tour South Africa for the first time ever in the band’s 40-year history.  The band will perform on Wednesday, April 4 at Cape Town Stadium in Cape Town; Saturday, April 7 at the Superbowl in Sun City; and on Sunday, April 8 at the Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.  The South African concerts also mark the band’s first announced concerts in 2012.

The band – Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit – will perform a two hour concert featuring classic hits such as Hotel California, Desperado, Take It Easy, One Of These Nights, Heartache Tonight, and Take It To The Limit.  South African fans will also be treated to solo hits from band members such as Boys Of Summer, Life In The Fast Lane and Dirty Laundry.

The Eagles have sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, earning five #1 U.S. singles and six GRAMMY® Awards.  Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 is the best-selling album of all time, exceeding sales of 29 million units.  The band’s Hotel California and Their Greatest Hits Volume 2 have sold more than 16 and 11 million albums respectively. The Eagles were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Tour Itinerary

Cape Town – presented by Heart 104.9FM and M-Net
Wednesday 4th April 2012
Cape Town Stadium
Tickets from R320 – R1070

Sun City – presented by Jacaranda 94.2 and M-Net
Saturday 7th April 2012
Superbowl, Sun City
Tickets from R1520 – R3520

Johannesburg – presented by Jacaranda 94.2 and M-Net
Sunday 8th April 2012
The Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium
Tickets from R370 – R1070

Tickets go on sale Thursday 15th December at 9am from or 0861.915.8000

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

St Yves Summer Events

Posted by: Ashley Brown
St Yves Summer Events Calendar
 December 2011 & January 2012

Special Events:

Cirque Du Freaq
Date: Tuesday 27 December
Featuring Sam Young (Skam Artist, UK), Gareth Kenward and Toby Kay (UK)
Hosted by Irvan
Doors open 9pm

Moet & Chandon NYE 
Date: 31 December
Featuring Shaun Duvet, Gareth Kenward, p.H and special guests
Doors open 9pm
NYE ticket sellers:
Cat: 078 744 4907
Natalie: 083 965 8336

Jameson Power to the 5 party 
Date: 28 January 2012
Poppy's birthday celebration
Featuring 5FM DJ's Poppy, Fresh, Euphonik, Roger Goode (Live broadcast) and p.H and Shaun Duvet
Doors open 9pm

Every Wednesday:

Soul Candi Sessions:
Wed 21 Dec
Wed 28 Dec (doors open at 3pm)
Wed 4 Jan
Featuring Harael Salkow, Ricardo da Costa, Crazy White Boy, Deep Groove, and special guests.

Every Thursday:

The Good Life:
with p.H. and guests

December 2011
15 December:
St Yves presents Roger Goode
Featuring Roger Goode (5fm), Shaun Duvet (Birthday celebration), p.H. and special guests
22 December:
Featuring p.H., International DJ Sam Young (London UK), DJ Lyle and Lu Wayne Wonder
29 December:
Featuring p.H., Shaun Duvet, Master M, Dimplez and Sam Young (London UK)

January 2012
5 January:
Featuring p.H., International Chad Tyson (London UK) and DJ Lyle
12 January:
Featuring p.H., Leo Large, DJ Lyle, Chad Tyson (London UK)
19 January:
Featuring p.H., Chad Tyson (London UK), DJ Lyle and Luwayne Wonder
26 January:
Featuring p.H., Vivilante (Metro FM), DJ Lyle and Chad Tyson (London UK)

Every Friday:

From Cape Town With Love
Chris Jack and guests

December 2011
2 December:
Featuring Chris Jack, Ivan Turanjanin, Julz Sanchez and Danalog
9 December:
Featuring Chris Jack, Anthea Scholtz, Jimmy Chronic and Slidzik
23 December:
Featuring Chris Jack, Monique Pascall, T-Minus and Floyd Lavine

January 2012
6 January:
Featuring Chris Jack, Prosper Rek (Blue Marlin Ibiza) and Anthea Scholtz
13 January:
Featuring Chris Jack, Dean Fuel, Diggin 4 Dodge, Prosper Rek (Blue Marlin Ibiza)
20 January:
Featuring Chris Jack, Nick Supply, Julz Sanchez, Ian & Malcolm Skene
27 January:
Featuring Chris Jack, Killer Robot, Airwalker and Lady M

Every Saturday:

Showtime Saturdays:
With Shaun Duvet and guests

December 2011
3 December 
Featuring The Dale, Josh Borril, Lyle and Dan Shout on Sax
Doors open 9pm
10 December
Featuring Shaun Duvet, Roger Goode and 5FM guests
Doors open 9pm
17 December
Featuring Shaun Duvet, Sam Young (UK), The Dale
Doors open 9pm
24 December
Featuring Shaun Duvet, Harael Salkow, Sam Young (UK), Ellie 'The Dancer' Moffson and guests
Doors open 9pm

January 2012
7 January
Featuring Chad Tyson (UK), Tony Cha Cha (Holland) and Ricky H
Doors open 9pm
14 January
Featuring Shaun Duvet, Chad Tyson (UK), Gareth Kenward and Dan Shout live on sax
Doors open 9pm
21 January
Featuring Shaun Duvet, Chad Tyson (UK), Gareth Kenward and Dan Shout live on sax
Doors open 9pm

Every Sunday:

Goldfish Submerged Sunday
Goldfish are celebrating 5 years of Submerged Sundays in Camps Bay.

Goldfish Submerged Sunday’s have truly become part of the fabric of Cape Town. Now in its 5th year, Goldfish have taken the Submerged Sunday’s concept and grown it into Cape Town’s hottest night of the Summer every week - hands down - featuring 12 exclusive sets from Goldfish every Sunday.

Pull in early for a drink and watch the sun set with the perfect soundtrack in South Africa’s most famous setting - before Goldfish take the stage to play the cutting edge live show that has made them a global phenomenon, showcasing tracks from their new album Get Busy Living - remixed.

From 27 November for Summer 2011/2012 at St Yves, Camps Bay, Cape Town.
Featuring 12 Exclusive Goldfish shows with special guest artists, international guest Dj's and other surprise acts.
Doors open at 4pm.

Goldfish Submerged Sundays

Posted by: Ashley Brown

Goldfish are celebrating 
5 years of Submerged Sundays in Camps Bay.

Photos: Goldfish Facebook Submerged Sundays Album
Goldfish Submerged Sunday’s have truly become part of the fabric of Cape Town. Now in its 5th year,
Goldfish have taken the Submerged Sunday’s concept and grown it into Cape Town’s hottest night of the
Summer every week - hands down - featuring 12 exclusive sets from Goldfish every Sunday.

Photos: Goldfish Facebook Submerged Sundays Album

Photos: Goldfish Facebook Submerged Sundays Album

Photos: Goldfish Facebook Submerged Sundays Album

Pull in early for a drink and watch the sun set with the perfect soundtrack in South Africa’s most famous
setting - before Goldfish take the stage to play the cutting edge live show that has made them a global
phenomenon, showcasing tracks from their new album Get Busy Living - remixed.

From 27 November for Summer 2011/2012 at St Yves, Camps Bay, Cape Town.
Featuring 12 Exclusive Goldfish shows with special guest artists, international guest DJ's and other surprise
Doors open at 4pm.

Photos: Goldfish Facebook Submerged Sundays Album

Photos: Goldfish Facebook Submerged Sundays Album

St. Yves Beach Club