Tuesday, 20 December 2011

CTMS Top 10 bands 2011

We, as Cape Town Music Scene, have chosen our Top 10 Cape Town based bands for 2011. These bands have been chosen by the founder of CTMS, Jaco Brill and the blogger of CTMS, Ashley Brown. The bands where not judged by specific criteria, but where chosen on how we, see them as big and up coming bands, making big waves in the Cape Town music industry. These bands are sleeping giants, working hard for gigs, making a lot of effort to be seen and who sacrifice blood, sweat and tears to get the acknowledgment they deserve from their fans. Please note : this is just our opinion - it is neither right or wrong - just our opinion. Some people will agree with the list, some will disagree - that is why we are individuals. Also note, it is just bands, and not solo artists, DJ's, etc. Here they are...

CTMS Top 10:

1 - Saintfearless

2 - LA .VI

3 - Holiday Murray

4 - Mr.Cat and the Jackal

5 - 3rd World Spectator

6 - The Rescu

7 - Peachy Keen

8 - Dogtown

9 - When Karma Sleeps

10 - The Mysticcs


  1. Um, bands who have been around for 2-3 years don't exactly count as "up-and-coming" but anyway.

  2. any band that still did not get the big break, is up and coming. just my personal view. but as stated above - we all have different views/opinions etc on certain things. mr.cat and the jackal, for one, has been around a good couple of years, I know - but beginning to rock the scene now. I/we dont expect anyone to agree with us - again, as stated above. We try our best - and will continue to do so. I KNOW we made a differance this year - and will even do more next year

  3. Definitely agree with no.6 & no.9!! :)

  4. Big fan of Dogtown!!! They deserve it!!

  5. Dogtown rocks. Their energy on stage is amazing - definately my favourite!!!!! Well done guys, awesome

  6. Glad to be in a list with the following bands!! Thank you CTMS Megs ~ Wks

  7. Up and coming bands... you should check out this chick band I heard practicing at Kill City today, AWESOME!! CY.STR is their name and I was told not sister but SCI-STER lol F&%%$N Talented. What a shame that talented ladies like them don't get recognized. We need more all girl bands man! And they gorgeous lol and well done to all on the list!

  8. Woohoo, go Saintfearless. Big things to come from those boys, amazing energy on stage! Also loving LA.VI

  9. Saintfearless are probably the hardest working band in Cape Town at the moment, and it didn't just happen overnight.

    The rest of your list, well, hmmm, it is your list after all. Using similar criteria (i.e. bands that have been around 18 - 24 months), I would call the following (in no particular order):

    Fox Comet
    The Great Apes
    Juke Royale
    Woodstock Mafia
    Red Huxley
    Like Knives

    This is based on bands that I have managed to see in 2011 - I could probably add another 10 names to the list, but 20 is just insane.

    That being said, there are a lot of seriously average bands out there. It's great to see people exploring their musical side, but as an audience member a) learn to play your instruments; b) write better material; c) practice a lot harder; d) try be as professional as possible, don't get pissed before you play, don't swear at the audience, arrive for sound check on time, communicate with promoters and venue owners etc etc. e) above all, be humble.

  10. Thanks for the comment! We started putting the top 10 together and it was very difficult...
    At a point we felt like a Top 25 then we went back to Top 10, then thought of Top 20 and finally agreed to put our neck out there and say Top 10.
    I (Ashley) feel you have a great insight in South African bands and what it takes to make a name. Many of the bands you mentioned was on our list for the Top 10.
    Thanks again for the comment and your way you gave us insight to your opinion!


  12. Dogtown is still a very young band and doing AMAZING!! They are the next big thing!! 2012 is your year boys!!

  13. Hey Guys, Thanx a lot for all the support!! We respect each and every musical individual for living his/her passion and bringing it to the South African music scene.. For us, numbers on charts don't matter (except nr#1.hahah).. Congratulations to all the bands. Love & happiness, doGTown :)