Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Legacy School of Music

We, as Cape Town Music Scene, feel that all musicians, especially up and coming bands, younger musicians, and so on, should take a look at the following....

Legacy School of Music’s purpose is to train musicians for their fields of choice – we cover all the main band instruments such as Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Piano and bass – The key to our success is that we meet the student where they are at and aim to cater for exactly what they want.

We offer regular live performance opportunities for students to become familiar with all of the live playing aspects.
Regular workshops on various topics such as mic technique – guitar effects setups and drum technician workshops have all been held already.

Currently Legacy School of Music is working closely with When Karma Sleeps on vocal training and session drumming for 3 up coming gigs.

Every band no matter how famous all go through music lessons of some sort – if you are familiar with the Melissa Cross vocal lessons you will see that famous bands go for training to make sure their sound is different from album to album and that their is a progressive flow between them.

We cater for every kind of musical enthusiast from the shower singer to the up and coming band member; from junior school goers and high school teens to the corporate business owner.

Although lessons follow a syllabus they are tailored to your individual needs. In other words, whilst developing your personal musicianship, you may choose to develop your band skills too.We facilitate this by offering regular live performance opportunities that boost your confidence levels and overall performance image.

In addition:

We offer optional exams in the form of Rockschool (Non- classical) or Trinity (Classical).

Band Rehearsal Space (Rentable on weekends)

Evening classes till 9pm (Instruments and Vocals)

Regular Workshops (Watch this space)

Music Theory Courses

Please feel free to check out their website

Also, join them on Facebook : Legacy School of Music

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