Thursday, 30 June 2011

CD Review : Macgyver Knife

A while back,  I did a blog post about the album launch of Macgyver Knife ( Macgyver Knife Album Launch). Shortly after the launch, I received a copy of the CD. Due to personal reasons , I was not really "into" listening to the CD at that time - I listened to it only for about a day. It was put aside, for later. I must say, from that first listen, I liked what I heard, but was not convinced.

About twee weeks ago, I started listening again. And again. And again. I liked what I heard more and more, and was more than convinced about it. My personal favorite track is "Mary Lou and the Guy" , and "Dark side of the Sun" and "Jaguar".  

"Jaguar" has a nice "live" sound to it, and overall I must say, the CD has a very unique sound. Not sure if I am correct on this, but I could hear the bass guitar much better on all the songs, than on any other CD I have listened to before.

Overall, a very well done CD, from packaging, to sound, content etc. As this is the first CD Review done by CTMS, I don't have a rating system yet - and decided I am not going to have one! What I said above is what I think - decide for yourself! I am happy to have the CD in my collection, and will listen to it often enough. Now, I must just see these guys live! Cannot wait!  I will not say much more, other wise I will spoil it for you - do yourself a favor, and GET it. Where you wonder? Here are the details :

Sewing Legend is available in Cape Town at Revolution Records in Observatory (Lower Main Rd) and at MABU Vinyl in town (off Kloof near the Labia Theatre/City Varsity). The album is also available on iTunes - - and at


Sewing Legend track listing
1. Stumble
2. Black and Blue
3. Wake up the Morning
4. Mary Lou and the Guy
5. Now we're even
6. Head to Toe
7. Tomorrow Day
8. Dark side of the Sun
9. Sounds I've found
10. Jaguar
Sewing Legend was written, produced and recorded by MacGyver Knife; engineered and mixed by Teejay Terblanche and mastered by Rogan Kelsey.
For more on MacGyver Knife:

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