Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Modes, Fruits & Veggies and Captain Stu at The Purple Turtle

First article by another new contributor - SuzCruz

Saturday night 9 July and I was heading to the Turtle! On the way there I was cleansing my ear pallet
by tuning the dial to RSG whilst venturing into territory I'm not too familiar with.

Bearing in mind that Zula Bar's new opening, a stones throw away from Turtle, was fuelled with a
killer line-up, I was admittedly not too optimistic about attendance figures.

Arriving at the scene it looked a bit stale, but busier than anticipated taking into consideration it was
only 09:00 and the night was still an embryo.

By the time the first act, The Modes hit the stage at 22:15, one noted a very respectable turnout.
This evening was reeking with potential - which in hindsight was a bit of an understatement.

The Modes - a group of Afrikaans boytjies hailing from Despatch near Port Elizabeth (for those
of you who are geographically challenged) lay their set down and had feet tapping with their
uncomplicated rhythmic melodic tunes. Their enthusiasm as the opening act was infectious - once
you got over the keyboard player's interesting hairdo. Signed to Musketeer Records, who are
responsible for artists like Seether, Evolver One and Heroes Wear Red - to name but a few - this is a
band to look out for.

The second act, Fruits & Veggies representing Durban, seemed not to need an introduction or crowd
warm up, busting it out with opening track Without A Gwaai or a Cent. They're nuts. they went
nuts. they had the crowd going... nuts. One had to keep a safe following distance from the mosh-pit
that took up almost the entire dance floor. They were relentless in kicking up the pace and leaving
the crowd chomping at the bits. Lead singer, Purity, offered to dispose of one of the garments
should someone get her a shot of tequila. This racy challenge was met, and before we knew it
she was sporting very little dress at the top. These self-proclaimed crazies hail from Durban, and
suspicions arose to whether or not they may have smuggled in some of their loyal fellow residents.
They've been active since 2008, and still going strong. Keep a look out for their album 'Ndaa' if Ska
Afro Punk is your flavour.

With the crowd having digested their more than their allotted 5 servings of Fruits & Veggies for the
evening, local outfit Captain Stu to step up to the plate. They don't need much of an introduction,
having been on the scene since 2003 carrying the torch for the Ska Punk genre with the likes of The
Rudimentals and Hog Hoggity Hog. Satisfaction was guaranteed. They held their own and let rip
with a solid performance and play listed single "The Day" being a predictable favourite. In the end
the Fruits and Veggies had to cement their attention-whoring ways by getting on stage to encourage
an encore from the Stu's. Just as you thought things couldn't get any more interesting, members
from both bands were lip locked. Stu'd Fruit anyone? The band managed to gather composure and
give us one for the road.

All clich├ęs aside it was a refreshing night out saw me leaving the venue at a respectable 01:30 with
my name still in tact and no bruises to behold. It was time to set out into the night, to move onto the
next stir in the night.