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Battle of the Bands - Paarl De Ville FINAL

Posted by: Ashley Brown
Paarl de Ville, situated between Durbanville and Paarl, is hosting Battle of the Bands - Paarl De Ville - Final this Saterday!

Big prizes up for grabs for the winner of Battle of the Bands - Paarl De Ville:

  • 5 Track EP recording at Coffee Stained Vinyl Studios (Teejay of New Holland) -
  • 1/2 price recording for all other bands in the competition at Coffee Stained Vinyl Studios
  • Photo shoot, logo design, EP Cover design, tshirt design by Vetman design and photography
  • 3 track demo recording at MaxAd Music (and discount to other bands in the competition)
  • 3 track demo recording from Encore Music
  • Interview with Tygerburger
  • Interview with Cape Town Music Scene
  • Opening gig in Bohemia for one of the big name bands
  • R1000 worth of wine from Diemersdal Wine Estate
  • PR Contract from Pistol Star PR
  • Video Shoot from The Neon Kartel Pictures
  • Party bus trip sponsored by the venue, Paarl de Ville (plus discount to all other bands participating)
  • Photoshoot from Laura McCullagh
  • A meal from Paarl de Ville to each weeks winners

Congratulations to All My Circus Friends, The Mysticcs, The First Descent, VoortVlugtend & Fingers In The Sky for making it to the finals!

All My Circus Friends was founded by Lead guitarist, Alex La Cock and Vocalist Hannes Muller, both of whom grew up in the small town of Hermanus. After a few weeks of jamming, fellow Hermaniet, Licia Du Plessis joined them, taking on the role of the drummer as well as backing vocalist. The last, but certainly not least member Jayme Van Tonder joined the band and she added her great bass as well as violin skills.

After months of sitting in the jam room and culminating each musician’s unique style, the band through it into a blender and out came… All My Circus Friends.
A truly unique rock experience, with a fresh sound that will take you on a never ending journey of pure bliss.

EJ - Vocals & Guitar
Alex - Lead Guitar
Jayme - Violin & Bass
Licia - Drums & Backing Vox

The Mysticcs is a 3-piece Blues Rock band based in Cape Town, South Africa and was formed in March 2011. In a short period of time, The Mysticcs have received a very positive response from a variety of audiences in and around Cape Town. the band has won the 2011 Niva King of the stage and recently signed a record deal with Niva Records Their style and sound is driven by Blues Rock with a modern edge to it,

Mo Jones
Dean dk Roberts
Ebi Johnstone

The First Descent is an Independent Cape Town based Power Rock band made up of the members: Evan Strauss, Adrian Fowler, Bruce McDougall and Michael Pole. The First Descent was conceived in early 2008 (originally under the name BlueSkyFriday), but as influences and members changed, the band developed into what it is today. The ethos of the band is a powerful and dedicated one, with a strong bond shared between the musicians as people.

The First Descent name was derived from the idea that there comes a time in everybody’s life where they just need to close their eyes, look inside themselves and descend into regions of their inner being that they have not discovered before. This process of self-reflection is evident when viewing a live show as passion drips from every performance. The lyrical themes are Nostalgia, Self-Reflection and Belief.

Evan Strauss - Guitar, Vox
Adrian Fowler - Drums, Vox
Bruce McDougall - Bass
Michael Pole - Guitar

VoortVlugtend het ontstaan vanuit die classic rock cover band, The RetroSpecs en original Afrikaanse band Dit Kaptein.

Toe oorspronklike drummer Ruan "Sally" Muller oorlede is aan varkgriep, is The RetroSpecs herdoop na President Sally. Na 'n paar tribute gigs is daar besluit om op oorspronklike afrikaanse materiaal te fokus. 

Gerhardt Claassen (guitar, vocals)
Ruben Swart (drums, vocals)
Marius Hartzenberg (bass, vocals)
Hannes Coetzee (guitar)

Fingers In The Sky. No elaborate genre description, and no pedantic musical fusion talk. Fortunately, no long winded biography either, and no recollection of or reference to some sensationalized idea of rock-and-roll. No pretenses. We honestly just make music. Lots of it.

Wilton Schereka - Drums, Djembe and percussion
Andriques du Che - Lead Vocals. Guitar.
Leigh Bester - Bass. Guitar. Vocals.
Aidan Erasmus - Guitar. Harmonica. Vocals.

Photography: Gino Urbanski

For all these photos and more please visit Gino Urbanski

084 2998 458
072 2200 432

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