Sunday, 30 October 2011

Yesterday's Pupil interview

Yesterday's Pupil / Peach van Pletzen

Yesterday’s Pupil, how would you like people to describe what Yesterday’s Pupil was in the far off future looking back?
If people remember YP in the far off future that alone will make me happy.  I want people to remember the music as being honest and sincere, I would like people to form a personal connection to my music and remember how it made them feel.  I love music that stirs something within me and I hope to do that for other people.

In your Shameless-Self-Promo Clip you said that the new album will be released in parts, Part 1 being launched 1 November 2011, what can we expect of the new album?
Better production and better songs.  This album is way more vocal than the previous one and I also concentrated more on the lyrics.  Each song has its own story and I am proud  of each one.  The album is very diverse, there are hard songs and the are some soft ones as well, it doesn't stick to any one genre.  Each song is its own unique little surprise package.

How many songs will be released with Singularity (Part 1)?
1 Nov 2011... download the Part 1 package, there will be more than just music in it :)

What is the most absurd thing you ever heard of yourself in the media?
That Christina Storm and I are in a relationship... absurd!

What was your childhood dream?
To make a success of whatever it is I land up doing and if not to be happy as a failure... ok more seriously though, I have always had a desire to make a difference or impact on other people's lives in one way or another through creativity and art... Other artists did that for me and still does on a daily basis and it is truly a powerful thing.  Certain songs just have the ability to move people, everyone in their own unique way and that is awesome!

Yesterday’s Pupil, Bittereinder, Kidofdoom, Oorlog Frankenstein, collaborations with Tumi, and producing. How do you do it?
I really don't know, I think my love for it is so strong that it gives me the strength to keep going and to keep creating.  Don't be fooled though it is not always easy, I get stressed out and fall into periods of creative blocks and all the usual shit, we live in a really fast paced world and sometimes one must just step out a bit and get some perspective, do something simple and primal, that is very important... I have been burnt out before and it is pretty damn kak!  So nowadays I am trying to maintain a balance, spend some time on the little things, you know, just step out of the singularity and be alone for a while.

Give us an idea of a “normal” day in the shoes of Peach van Pletzen:
Wake up at about 7:30, 8ish.  Do some E-mails and admin, there is A LOT of admin in this industry.  Get some coffee and breakfast and hit the studio, I like mixing early in the day as your ears are still fresh from a nice quiet night's sleep, rested ears are important if you want to get a nice mix.  Then usually I'm off to a rehearsal for 3-4hours, back to office for more admin.  Shower, pack gear in the van, go to sound check, check sound, get dinner, back to venue and do the gig, pack up, have a few beers and go home and sleep.  That sounds about right, but it differs a lot depending on what I am working and focusing on at the time.

Do you have any other hobbies besides music?
I love taking pictures!  I take my little Canon G12 everywhere and I take great joy in tweaking and taking shots... it is really a nice camera.  I enjoy it as it is something I can do purely for fun but still get to be creative.

You have one of the best ears for music. What tips would you give someone starting in the recording industry of South Africa?
Hahaha, thanks for that! :)  Take care of your ears.  Take your time in learning, but learn something new everyday, if you rush the process you will miss certain things.  You will keep learning till the day you die.
Don't get caught up in too many plug-ins and toys, get the basics and master them and focus on the music rather than the fancy plugs and toys.  SIMPLICITY IS KEY!  Don't ever follow any scene, and never let a scene affect the way you make music, do what you love, don't imitate, create!

Listening to the song Too tired to Disco it comes across Yesterday’s Pupil has changed a bit from the last album, is it safe to assume that the new album has a whole new feel  than the first one?
Yes it will be much different, but don't let "too tired to disco" fool you.  That is just one song on the album and there is no other song on the record like it.  Too tired to disco is also the most poppy tune on the album.  There are some big songs on this album.  I can't wait to share it with the world!  People must just listen and form their own opinions, good or bad, whatever, just an opinion, but your own one.

In Too tired to Disco’s music video we see you waking up looking at a box robot, taking photos with it and holding its hand. Mind explaining the idea behind the video you made with Louis Minnaar?
Its like a coming of age story, it plays off in two different time periods.  The present and the past.  The dude in the present is longing back at something from the past, in a way he prefers the "old" him from a few years back... almost as though he has lost something along way, a piece of himself.  I think it really works with the lyrics.  The video is open for people to see it however they please, I am very happy with how it turned out and it was a super fun shoot!
The girl robot could be symbolic of technology and humans feeding off one another or it could be an imaginary friend of his, the dude could be a freak for all we know but the important thing is that people must be able to relate to him on some level...I hope...

When will Yesterday’s Pupil be visiting Cape Town?
I just got back from CPT, I played at Assembly last night at the halloween party, but I will be back soon!

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  1. AWESOME interview!loving too tired to disco's music video and counting on the soon part to see Yesterday's Pupil!