Thursday, 10 November 2011

Vans Music Night


On the 3rd December, The Assembly in Cape Town will play host to South African version of the 'Vans Off The Wall Music Night'. Held annually in 26 different countries around the world, the Vans Off The Wall Music Night tour occurs from the 18th of November to the 18th of December this year and it will be the first time this punk rock extravaganza will be taking place in South Africa!

Not only will the event feature two stages showcasing more than ten top local acts, but also Catherine Grenfell from 5FM as the MC for the evening and...

...a headline DJ set by the one-and-only DATAROCK!!


The Great Apes
Bilderberg motel
DJ Sideshow
Tommy Gun
Sexual Tension
Iron Leyden
Catherine Grenfell MC

More about some of the acts performing at the South African Vans Off The Wall Music Night:


DATAROCK is pretty much a global name. Their albums are both critically acclaimed across the world, and even their debut album was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. Later on the album reached NME's list of "Best albums of 2006". DATAROCK's second album "RED" was also nominated for a Norwegian Grammy, it was "Critics Choice of the Week" in New York Times and stateside MTV even headhunted and put the video for "True Stories" on rotation at MTV U - bizarrely as this single never was commercially released outside of Norway.

Having played more than 700 shows in 33 countires around the world, this will be DATAROCK’s first time in South Africa.


Sabretooth consists of six highly talented musicians who love to play 80’s inspired progressive hard rock, determined to bring you a sound both visually and aurally impressive.

In the short time of the bands existence, Sabretooth have shared the stage with the likes of Seven Year Kismet (UK) and Horse the Band (USA) on their SA tours. They’ve also played at Winterfest Metal Fest ’10, Whiplash Metal Fest ’10, Noisefest Alternative Festival ’10, Ramfest Alternative Festival ’11 and Synergy Live Music Festival ’10.

The Great Apes

With the focus of their music on rhythm, vocal melody and drums, their music demands to be followed whilst creating a structure that make the wailing vocals and rest of the band flow in an easily digestible punkish way. The produce real Rock & Roll with a bluesy undertone.

And many more...

Be sure to check out this link where you can apply for FREE tickets to the event:

Tickets for the Vans Off The Wall Music Night are pre-sold for R50 on Webtickets at, and R60 at the door.

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