Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Robots Get the Girls

Interviewed by: Ashley Brown
 Robots Get The Girls interview with Cape Town Music Scene 

Robots Get The Girls: Scotty and Kyle

Firstly explain the name Robots Get the Girls?
Kyle: It’s just a fact!
Scotty: Yeah robots are sexy…
Kyle: We actually just read that 6 out of 5 girls find robots really attractive.
Scotty: We found that out thanks to the Census… No, we’re talking nonsense. The names just a private joke between this guy(Kyle) and I.
Kyle: And don’t ask what the joke is because then it wouldn’t be private!

Who are the members and what are the roles of each one?
Kyle: The Robots are Scotty and myself and on the production side you’ll hear the beats of Nicbeats(Dom Petersen) and live we’re joined by Chris Taylor on the decks and Mike Bakker on drums and samples.

Is there any plans for an album production in the near future? And do you have an idea for the name of the album?
Scotty: We started working on when we started Robots Get the Girls at the end of January earlier this year and we plan to release early 2012.
Kyle: And we’ll be announcing the name and concept of the album in the near future.

Who is the creative one writing lyrics for RGTG?
Kyle: Scotty and I both write the lyrics for Robots.

What artists are you guys listening to at the moment for inspiration or even just in general?
Kyle: For song writing and musical influence it’s a big mix… I draw from Mike Posner, 3oh3!, David Guetta, Glitch Mob.
Scotty: Yeah we like the same music so I’ll just add those amazing artists with guys like Skrillex, Cobra Starship, Calvin Harris, Example and Far East Movement.

Give a short description of each of your personalities for us?
Scotty: I’ll describe Kyle…He’s rude, selfish, obnoxious, begrudgenistic…
Kyle: I was going to say that you’re a nice guy…
Scotty: Hey I don’t want to lie dude!

Bands or artists that you would love to share the stage with?
Scotty: Wow, too many to mention…
Kyle: Actually just refer to our previous answer about our influences.

Tell us more about the Plus 1’s music video-the idea behind it, who’s in the video, where it was made, etc.
Scotty: It was an awesome video shoot to be a part of and we owe so much to Kyle Lewis, the Dirty Soul Production team and Black Static Media for the concept and really good execution of the video.
Kyle: They really did an awesome job and we’re really proud of it. Shot at a club in Claremont, Cape Town and we had the best looking features and extra’s in this video and let me add that everyone was so cool to work with…
Scotty: We literally don’t have a bad thing to say about the video!

Plus 1’s video has more than 11500 views (which is big), but RGTG haven’t even launched an album yet. How did you go about advertising the video?
Kyle: Haha, as you say that it’s just gone passed 19 000 views.
Scotty: And honestly we don’t know. As a ‘band’ or ‘music project’, whatever people want to call us, we’ve only been public for just under a month and the video’s only been around for two and a half weeks…so I’ll say again, we don’t really know.
Kyle: It was the first song we wrote as Robots, got to make an awesome video and what really helped was that Kfm 94.5 and Highveld Stereo 94.7 liked it and we got to launch it on Stacey Norman’s show live on air. Look we obviously showed it to friends & they must have shown their friends,  posted on the new Robots facebook page aswell as YouTube which is all we could do.
Scotty: And within a few days it clocked a few thousand views.

Quick facts:
Oldest in the band:
Kyle: I’m the youngest by a month
Scotty: Which makes me the oldest…

Bands favourite drink:
Kyle and Scotty: Redbull!
Scotty: We wouldn’t be able to make it through some of the long nights in studio without it!

Bands favourite food:
Kyle and Scotty: Coco-Pops and Sushi.
Kyle: Haha, more things that we can’t do without in studio!

Coffee or Tea:
Scotty: Neither
Kyle: Coffee

Twitter names:
Kyle: @RobotKyle…and it’s a good question because I’ve been trying to get Scotty on Twitter for a while now.
Scotty: Yeah so my name is hash tag idontdotwittersogetoveritkyle…seriously though, that’s not my name so don’t try and add me.
Kyle: It’s ‘follow’ dude, you don’t add people on twitter.
Scotty: You know what I mean!

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  1. This band really cool! plus 1 a great track and video. can't wait to see them play one day. i mus come down.Aadi