Monday, 19 September 2011

LA.VI on future plans and Malawi

What does LA.VI mean and how did you decide on the name?
LA.VI drives from the French word 'la vie' meaning life. We liked the sound and the logo of LA.VI which made us decide upon it.

Give us a brief description on how the band formed
Kenan played the guitar and Chantel sang, they started jamming until Jonny (bassist) and John (drums) who were friends joined the band the beginning of the year and haven’t looked back since.

When can we expect an EP of CD release?
We do not have an exact time yet but roughly the beginning of next year.

What is each members normal day-to-day doing when not band practicing?
Kenan teaches drums, John is a chef, Jonny does hair and Chantel studies and acts.

According to you, what is the best way to start writing new songs and also where is the best place?
We get together in our cozy band room on Sundays and sometimes new things arise which we work on if everyone approves.

Who mainly writes the songs for LA.VI?
Its a group effort someone brings forth an idea and we work on it from there.

You perform allot with Pretty Blue Guns and the two bands work well together, why do you think this is?
 We all good friends so it is always enjoyable, also i think we both enjoy each others music.

What is your most memorable gig thus far? 
Playing at Memphis Rock in Portchefstroom, first time there and we had a really good time with Holiday Murray.

Which gig are you guys looking forward to the most?
Lake of Stars in Malawi!!! And the fundraiser show for it at Zula bar this Wednesday 21st with Holiday Murray and Bateleur.

You guys released a video called Sunday Sessions,the video is just you guys having fun skateboarding down Cape Town's Lion Head Mountain. Can we expect more of these fun Sunday Sessions, videos?
Yes in the future, we will be uploading plenty more LA.VI activities in the summer sun.

Any surprising plans for the future you are willing to leak for us here at Cape Town Music Scene?
In the future we plan on releasing a journey that contains all of LA.VI's past experiences/activities/write-offs/rip-offs and more. 

Future gigs: 

Design Indaba 24th at Jade Lounge - Sea Point
Lake of Stars - Malawi

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  1. I will definitely look you guys up :) and buy your CD