Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sing 'it ! Songwriting competition

Hoping to start a career in songwriting? Now’s your chance!

Cape Town, 7 September 2011: In a first for South Africa, nine of the country’s favourite singers and bands have partnered with Sanlam, LitNet and MK (DSTV Channel 324) to invite talented songwriters to submit their lyrics to be recorded as an official single. 

This competition, known as Sing ’it, kicks-off today and will present the winning songwriters with an iPad 2 and R3 000 each, as well as the opportunity for one of them to feature in a music video by their favourite artist.

The ninth, mystery artist will be announced shortly. The other eight, diverse artists and groups, all enjoying a strong presence in their respective musical genres, are:

  • Karen Zoid
  • Jax Panik
  • DJ Cleo
  • Dans Dans Lisa
  • Bittereinder
  • iScream & The Chocolate Stix
  • Niskerone & SFR
  • Dance, You’re on Fire

Entries close at the end of October. After that, the judges (comprising the abovementioned artists), will comb through the entries, select their favourite, and record it as an official single. All nine songs will then be made available for free downloading for two months.

The band with the highest number of downloads will receive a budget for a music video for that song from MK. The video will be played on MK, as well as on other channels, and posted online. 

"It will be incredible to interact with the fans on a more personal level – let’s see what we can create together," says iScream & the Chocolate Stix guitarist Just Nathan.

Comments André Kearns, sponsorship manager at Sanlam: “Sanlam recognises the importance of our cultural diversity in celebrating the creativity of all South Africans, whilst empowering the youth at the same time – hence our investment in a number of social and cultural initiatives.”

He adds that Sing ’it not only embodies Sanlam’s corporate message of ‘Start with what you hope for’ but can also be linked to the ‘National Start Something Day’, which was launched on 2 September 2011 to inspire everyday people to take up a new hobby – whether it be learning a new language or starting to write songs, in this case.  

“We are also planning to bring on board another local popular ninth artist, but this will be kept secret for now!” confirms Kearns.

LitNet Executive Editor Etienne van Heerden enthuses: “Fresh, hip, inclusive, creative, energetic and fun, Sing ’it is truly South African in that it crosses cultural boundaries and celebrates diversity in creating an exciting platform for new writers.

“LitNet encourages writing in all forms – from poetry to blogs to reviews – and now lyrics as well. Sing ’it is going to be big!” 

From a cross-cultural collaboration point of view, musicians and songwriters from all over South Africa will have the chance to work together and are bound to influence one another’s work. This should reflect in the quality and diversity of recordings that the process will produce, says MK, the official media sponsor.

To participate in Sing ’it, go to the following internet platforms:

Twitter: @singit2011.

For more information, contact:
Steyn du Toit (Project Manager)
Tel.: 021 886 5169

About the artists 

Karen Zoid: Karen needs little introduction. TIME magazine and US News & World Report have referred to her as a true icon on the South African music scene. The release of her album “Terms & Conditions” was one of the musical highlights of last year.

Jax Panik: Jax Panik has just won a 2011 SAMA for his second album, I am Jax Panik. With a constant presence on radio and MK and at sold-out shows, Jax is set to become a firm competition favourite.

DJ Cleo: With more than one SAMA under his belt, DJ Cleo has been one of the leading figures on the local house, kwaito, and hip hop scene, both as a producer and as a world-famous artist.

Dans Dans Lisa: The well-known acoustic duo of Deon Meiring (Glaskas) and Bouwer Bosch (Straatligkinders) boasts an MK award for “Campus Hit of the Year” and became the first South African band ever to release an album live on national television.

Dance, You’re On Fire: This exciting punk-rock band released their debut album in February this year, and have since been dominating Top 40’s around the country. They have quickly established themselves as one of the new bands that are making people sit up and listen.

Bittereinder: Another SAMA winner! With years of collective experience on the local music scene, these talented guys formed Bittereinder and released the first Afrikaans dubstep album in 2010.

iScream & The Chocolate Stix: Their first single, “My Cape Town”, has received national recognition on radio and in the press. They are currently filming a reality series around their rise to fame and are being described as one of the freshest new acts out of Cape Town. 

Niskerone & SFR: Niskerone’s innovative, energised DJ shows have earned him headline bookings for festivals such as Oppikoppi, Synergy Live, Rezonance and Rocking The Daisies. He is also one of very few DJs who can boast three permanent residencies at big clubs across South Africa.


  1. great contest, definitely my lucky break.