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Band profile : 10 FEET CONCRETE

10 FEET CONCRETE is a collection of the best 8 piece musical band in Cape Town. The name stems from the metaphor that the members have there feet firmly on the ground and are here to stay. They consider their music a collection of passion, creativity and honed skill. 10 FEET CONCRETE transports you to the ages of Rock and Roll to Popular, and from Blues to Reggae, pop, dance, R ’n B and Hip Hop.

10 FEET CONCRETE - with four part vocal harmonies - and a tight rhythm section are influenced by artists ranging from Old School to Contemporary with the likes of Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Katy Perry, Bruno Marz and Lady Gaga and even Akon if you please. They will entertain you with famous songs combined with a hint of their own originality.

The boys (and 3 girls) from 10 FEET CONCRETE are all geared up to make every night a memorable event with a vast selection of covered songs, grand stage presence with lights and a sound that will blow your mind. They are a tight knit group of friends who work well together with a practiced ear for music - and the same goal in mind: embodying a music force to be reckoned with.

The group consists of vocalists Kendal Spinola,Ceri-Lee Pinto and Niven Markus, guitarists Marcel Smit (lead) and Leonard van Riel (rhythm), keyboard/ synthesizer Natalie Robinson, bassist Henning Boshoff, and drummer Brad Masson.

Here follows a short profile of each member:

Ceri-Lee Pinto a Singer, Actress and a Dancer realized her passion at the age of 7 when she started vocal training. Which she mastered through 5 years of study through the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town and graduated with a LTCL Musical Theatre and Advanced Performance Diploma in Drama including being awarded a Merit and also further excelling in intermediate tap dance and gold jazz dance examinations through the London Trinity College. In 2007, she reached the top 24 in the SA Idols competition then after being noticed was awarded a contract to perform at a 5 star Hotel in Dubai and on her return auditioned at Menlyn Park’s Barnyard Theatre performing in the Super Troupers Production. Always a great entertainer at corporate events and latest being at the Lord Charles Hotel with her powerful voice and stage presence.

Kendal Spinola, previous frontline vocalist for The Undefind for 4 years, once described as “a tiny package of dynamite that bursts on stage with an explosion of passion” has in total 9 years of vocal experience. With many corporate and festival events under her belt has shared the stage with bands such as bands such as Exit and Stage 1. Additionally, this crowd entertainer extraordinaire has achieved many successes including advancing to the Top 100 in Cape Town in the South African Idols competition in 2003, and Cape Town’s Top 50 in 2007.

Niven Markus is everything but a new comer to the music industry.  With a vocal talent that is second to none he was always destined to involved in music stemming from a long family history of Musicians from his grandmother teaching his father to play guitar and in later years Niven sitting under the table watching his dad play guitar. Niven has done a countless of professional gigs and is always able to entertain any crowd. Owner of Markus Entertainment - and on the music scene since 1999 - this diverse artist's talent covers a broad range of musical abilities. Abilities range from singing to playing the guitar and even being an old hand at DJ-ing.

Marcel Smit was born and bred with an Ibanez S540 Custom Shop guitar in his hands. Hailing from a long line of guitarists, this experienced guitarist has a fist full of awards under his young belt. He commenced his music career in 2006 with the band “Shattered Ashes” after winning the Levi’s Band challenge in the School Band section, as well as snatching up the award for 2007 Levi’s Band Challenge Solo Section for Instrumental Guitar playing. In 2008 and 2009 he won The Metal4Africa’s Shredders Showdown Competition thereby claiming the title of The Most Creative Guitarist in Cape Town.

Leonard van Riel - an aspiring musician and rhythm guitarist - is rated as one the most hardworking and dedicated guitarists in Cape Town. Inspired by bands such as Incubus and Thin Lizzy, he has mastered the art of tight rhythms and precise harmonising. This promising new comer to the local music scene has seven years of hard core guitar skills on his resume, and is miles ahead of his equals.

Natalie Robinson is a 27 year old keyboard/ synthesizer player from Cape Town. She received her formal training at UCT and graduated in 2006 having had classical and jazz training. After graduation was offered a teaching post at a local music school and tutored there for 2 years until the opportunity came to perform in Dubai with a well known cover band by the name of "White Rabbit". While there for 6 months the band performed various genres of music from Rock, Dance, RnB to everything in between. Since been back Natalie has been doing session work for various local artists both in studio and performance.

Henning Boshoff is an esteemed bassist sculpted by The Institute’s Basstech™ itself - a respected Music Institution in London, United Kingdom – the legendary bass teaching school with experience in developing and delivering contemporary bassists. He completed the Master Performance Course from 2005 through 2007 and is the proud winner of Student of the Year in 2006.

Brad Masson, a veteran drummer that knows his way around a Zildjian symbol and has previously played with Mink, 12th Avenue and Infinity. He is rated as one of the tightest and most enthused drummers in Cape Town.  With awesome drum roles, precise accents and solid drumming, he is for all time a pleasure to watch and listen to.

10 FEET CONCRETE is an authentic  group with style and a mission to entertain. Together with a passion for performing, 10 FEET CONCRETE guarantees an event filled with energy and an enjoyable time. Simply put – they will take you on a journey through some of the world’s greatest music genres - and turn an ordinary night into an unforgettable one.

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