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This post is to showcase all the great band photographers we have here in Cape Town. If you don't see yourself here, mail me at


I enjoy the smaller things in life like scenery and music. 

I was part of the Afrikaans music channel Mk and De Plate Kompanjie (, touring with them and taking photos.
This event played a big role in my life as a person and I got to know many people and seeing their perspective of the world.
On the Mk Avontoer I had the privilege to work with many bands like, The Pretty Blue Guns, The Tidal Waves, Zinkplaat, aKing, Jack Parrow, Glaskas, Thieve, etc. Other bands I have had the privilege to photograph is aKing, Die Heuwels Fantasties  and Van Coke Kartel.
I have a love for photography and I plan to continue taking photo’s the rest of my life and also to further my knowledge on photography.
At the moment I am enrolled at an online photography collage named The Photography Institute. I live in George at the moment but I would love to be able to move to Cape Town in the future to have more opportunities to work with bands and members I have got to know.

Bands worked with:
The Pretty Blue Guns
The Tidal Waves
Jack Parrow
Die Heuwels Fantasties
Van Coke Kartel

Links :!/pages/AshPhotography/196314947069386
Contact details : 
Ashley Brown 
079 354 9280

Fisheye Photography

I love people, places and emotions. Both happy and sad times evoke a sense of wonder in me. I decided to specialise in wedding photography as wedding photography allows for creative freedom. You need to think on your feet, but at the same time you need to let your mind be open, to be aware of a specific moment, all the details, angles and how the light is falling . . . all at the same time. 

You need to drink in the atmosphere, the excitement, the tension and the love shared between a couple, their families and their friends. 

The three most influential photographers to my style is Henri Cartier-Bresson for the way he was able to capture people’s personalities at exactly the right moment without causing any disturbance or interference in what they were busy with. 

My all time favorite photographer is Robert Frank. He used a lot of contradiction in his photography to show the difference between situations and subjects, to relay a story. 

Apart from photography, I love spending time at the coast. Taking long strolls along the beach... and let my imagination flow to meet the calming rhythm of the sea. 

I enjoy and crave the excitement of music festivals, traveling, people (ordinary and the some-what eccentric), different cultures, places (modern and historical) and the most important of all – I enjoy by just being myself! 

Black Balloon Photography

I am Madelie Coetzee, working under the name of "Black Balloon Photography". 
I'm a freelance photographer in and around Cape Town. 
Love taking photos of bands and anything that has to do with music

Laura McCullagh

I'm a 22yr old Capetonian with a love for all things art and music-related. I started taking photos when I was around 13 and often carry a camera with me wherever I go. My favourite things to photograph include gigs, flowers and cats; I find inspiration in nature, music, mythology and dreams.

Aside from being a photographer, I am an animator, general visual artist & web designer.

RandomTams Photography

Tammy Strapp is a 24 year old photographer specialising mainly in the music industry,
her credits include live events, location shoots, album covers and personal profiles. However,
RandomTam is a very experienced and versatile photographer having a wide range of genres under
her belt. Her past experiences behind the camera include family (and pet) portraits, matric farewells,
modeling shoots/ port folio's as well asthe very unconventional funeral memories. This just reafirms
the star quality and wide range of this very eccentric and gifted artist. Creative and somewhat unconventional
angles and techniques leave the eye wanting more, with amazing lighting and structures resulting
in unique and colourful detailed shots RandomTams Photography truly is an experience and after all, photos
your moment in life captured in a still for you to keep forever.

Some of the "biggest" (most well known)featured bands include:
Prime Circle
Flash Republic
Arno Castens
Art Mathews (Just jinger)
Freshly Ground
Van Coke Kartel
12th Avenue
RandomTam: 083 441 4340


I photograph under the name trephine, with most of my work in the documentary genre
I started off with music photography, photographing for yourLMG music magazine etc, but now I do more social documentary work,
and only really get to photograph bands when asked.
With yourLMG I got to photograph many bands depending on the gigs, otherwise now I just photograph for When Karma Sleeps and My Flawless Ending

Stop&Watch Photography

Ek neem nou al so n jaar lank fotos. 
Geen opleiding of kwalifikasies nie. 
Ek probeer so veel as moontlik dat my fotos nie soos al die ander fotos daar buite lyk nie deur close up , 
gesigs uitdrukkings en awkward angles , want elke 2de mens is deesdae n fotograaf. 
Ek edit nie my fotos baie nie net basic crop , color en brightnes. 
Jo Martin wat elke dinsdag by Bohemia speel het al gevra of hy  gebruik kan maak van my fotos maar verder het ek nog nie direk met n band gewerk nie.
Ek daag maar net by shows op geniet die music en neem n paar kiekies. 
En as dit nodig is vind ek gewoonlik n manier om backstage of selfs op die stage te kom , al het ek nie die nodige "pass" nie.  

Stop&Watch Photography

Nadine Aucamp Photography

I am a young photographer with a eagerness to learn all there is about photography. I want to expand my world, my horizons, style and approach - breaking down any man made barriers in the photography world.

Vetman Design and Photography

Eks ‘n seun van die Paarl wat meeste van my pay op gigs spandeer. Ek het nou al so 7 maande my kamera. Ek leer myself fotografie. Ek  werk op die oomblik saam Reburn en Obsessie met als. Het al saam Olinosterfant en die manne van die NP Projek gewerk. Ekt die CAPE TOWN MUSIC SCENE se logo design. Kyk op facebook vir meer fotos, like dit en share dit, dankie en assebLIEF.

Soek my gerus om vleisbroek:!/pages/Vetman-design-and-photography/112698978810697

My blog is nog onderkonstruksie.

Of stuur 'n epos as jy enige vra het. 

Deon Van Zyl

I've been doing a bunch of live and lifestyle photography for LA.VI
I'm busy honing my skills as a videographer/photographer and I couldn't have asked for a better band to be sharing my journey with.



Lupa Photography

“Without music life would be a mistake”, such true words said by a wise man,
Nietzche. I fully agree. Another huge mistake would be not to capture all the talent,
moments and music on film. I’m still the new kid on the block, learning one gig at a
time. I hope I never stop.
For me the biggest reward is to see these bands live, share in their music, their
moments and energy. Nothing in this world beats someone doing something with pure
passion. I’m just the lucky fish on the other side of the lens to capture it all.
Bands / Musicians which have travelled through my lens:
• Arno Carstens
• Albert Frost
• Bright Blue City
• Obsessie Met Als
• Black Market Riots
• The Blues Broers
• 3rd World Spectator
• Clarify
• Jesse Jordan Band
• The Undefind
• 3 Radikaal
• Gerald James Clark
• 12th Avenue
• Rolling Thunder
• Red Robbins

Contact me (Ezelle) :

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