Monday, 22 August 2011

Double Adapter

Photo by: Gabbi Harris

How would you describe Double Adapter and your music you make? 

T: Double Adapter is electro music at heart - We love the more thrash/rock n roll/metal elements of heavy electronic music, but we also love melody, vocals and sing a long songs - so we try our best to combine the two.

D: Double Adapter is an audio visual act and we base ourselves on our performances. We are high energy and love to completely fuck out to the music that we love so much.

What are your influences?

T: We have quite broad influences, everything from pop to indie rock, to just about every genre of electronica. Personally, I get a lot inspiration from artists like Bjork and Portishead, but my influences are more like Justice, Soulwax and Digitalism.

D: Yeah I must say that I am the same. at home im not really listening to that much trash electro. im really into bands such as phoenix, bloc party and metric but for Double Adapter i would agree with tim in acts such as soulwax and justice but ill throw Slipknot into that.

What inspired you to play together or is it just because you are brothers?

T: It was quite an organic process - one day we just played a show together, and now suddenly it's two years down the line and Double Adapter is doing pretty well. We're super happy that it's been the result of having a good time together DJing, and not a forced thing...

D: Yeah the only time it was ever forced was when I made Tim play a show with me, I had been DJ'ing for a couple of years before Tim started. Yeah its great that we get to do this together and I wouldnt do it with anyone else.

What are your plans touring wise?

T: We can and will tour with every offer we get. The rest of 2011 will be all about hitting up the festival circuit (after Oppikoppi, we have Earthdance, Rocking The Daisies, and Synergy still to look forward to), and our second European tour is planned for somewhere between Nov '11 and Feb '12.

Can we expect a CD coming out?

T: Defintely not a CD, but releases, most definitely - they'll be available by digital platforms, with as many free downloads as we can offer! DA has seen quite a switch this year from passive production into active remixing going on all the time - the ones we can release, we do!

Double Adapter on SoundCloud

Whats your favorite venue to play in Cape Town thus far?

T: We're big Assembly patriots, it is definitely the best venue in the country. But that said, they is a lot of competition around these days so we're keen to see what Fez and the new Zula have to offer! At the end of the day though, we'll always have a very special place in our hearts for The Assembly.

D: Yeah I must agree with Tim on that one, The Assembly is a world class venue and it kicks the shit out of anything we have in Joburg and even a lot of clubs we saw in Europe.

Any battle scars or female underwear from Oppiekoppie?

T: Dan has a different story to tell from me I expect, haha! I think my only battle scar was more of a mental one from the shock of finding myself drinking at a bar with Sibot, Francois van Coke and Locnville - it sounds like a joke right? That and the DUST.
D: I had an incident with a space blanket at 7am but thats as far as I'm willing to go with that story! We also both came back with pretty awful moustaches, I think we can consider that a battle scar.

What was the funniest thing you have experienced at Oppiekoppie?

T: At Oppi this year they had a money card system - I lost and miraculously found my card so many times that eventually it was the running joke of the festival!

D: Mine was definitely this spider bite that i got on my ankle, oh god that joke doesnt translate in text. That and all my buddies who got the blues and ran around hugging every artist they could meet.

What is your favorite breakfast?

T: Either Milo cereal, or good old bacon and eggs! In Greenside where we live, there are lots of breakfast spots so a sit down. breakfast is an awesome way to start the day!

D: I'll go for a good old bacon sandwich with lots of tomato sauce or a toasted chicken mayo croissant. deeeelish.

So Dan was voted cool kid of the week for Wits University, where do you get your coolness from?

D: Ha ha, that im not entirely sure of, I wouldnt even say that im that cool! I guess if you dress well and give off a " I dont give a fuck" attitude while wearing sunglasses in doors people will think you are cool, however that doesnt mean you are.

Photo by: Gabbi Harris

If you could pick the perfect line-up of SA performances who would it be and where will it be held in the Cape Town area?

T: The DJ's, producers and bands in CT are an amazing bunch of people and artists - It would be at The Assembly, and we'd invite our friends Haezer, Mr Sakitumi, Audiophile 021, Kennedy, and B Team. You'd see some hilarious drunken antics on stage!

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