Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Q and A with Gazelle

by Ashley Brown

So I was watching the NY Love Gazelle by Vincent Lacroqc video, it seems you are having a good time in NY, does NY like the South African vibe that you bring to them?

Well so far NY has been a new start for me and it is always a humbling and testing experience. I can definatily say I am very fortunate to have met some amazing people that is helping me build things here and I am very excited to see what the next half a year offers. There is some super exciting things in the pipeline that I rather show soon than talk about now. One thing is certain, we have been filling the silos full of material that is ready to flow to the people.

I know many South African fans are a bit upset that Gazelle left South Africa, how often is Gazelle planning to be in South Africa?

I think fans definitely never have to feel that Gazelle had left South Africa. It is my home, it is where I am from and where I will always go to. This year alone we have been fortunate enough to do quite a lot of shows in South Africa and some other neighboring countries like Mozambique and Swaziland. The Atlantic has become like a river with a bridge over it with the amount of times we've crossed it this last months. We have been working on various new exciting collaborations with artists abroad that is coming to its state of completion. So we are looking forward to bring back to South Africa what we have been busy with in other parts of the world.

Oppikoppi is around the corner, are there any surprises 
waiting for the crowd?

Yes one massive surprise that  we have been working on for quite a couple of months... but I guess it wouldnt be a surprise if if I spill it to you now... so I can tell you if you can keep quite. 

Redbull Sound Clash vs Die Heuwels Fantasties made a huge impression, will Gazelle and Heuwels ever change the VERSUS to FEATURING?

Yup surely. Die Heuwels is really good friends of ours and we did a song together that we performed at the Soundclash called Binneindurban. This song has been in the mix for quite some time since both our schedules have been very demanding it has been tough to finish. But we hope to bring it to you very soon....Its gonna be a classic..were actually seeing Freddie in the studio tomorrow to take a listen to the first mix..

You are very busy with shows, but when can we expect a new CD and what sounds can we be expecting?
The first that is dropping in the next weeks is a single called LERATO which we did with a group called Perfect Losers from Paris. Then we got a whole bag of singles that are all collaborations that we had done with people like Peaches and Jack Parow..
This is followed by our Remix album, THE REVOLUTION WILL BE REMIXED that has got some of the most amazing producer talents from all over, Ben Mono from Munk, Claudia Ptoile, Lazyflow, Mix & Blend and a whole host of others..

The new album is a surprise but its been an amazing experience making it and I'm so looking forward to share with everyone.

Cape Town these days have a trend on Electronic music, what do you think about it?

I guess trends come and go... and come again... and go again....
We definitely consider ourselves as a big crossover band at this stage forging together the sounds of the organic and electronic.

Do you find that Gazelle has more supporters in America than in South Africa? And if true, why do you think this is?

Its been interesting for us traveling to so many countries and performing there since we had started to build followings of different capacities in various parts of the world.
But I still always know that the South African audience was my first audience and therefore will always be making music for them. 

Last but not least what sneak peak into the future can you give Cape Town Music Scene?

Too much secrets haha, maybe a movie... 

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