Friday, 9 December 2011

Out of Nowhere Interview

Posted by: Ashley Brown
Interview by: Ezelle Louw

They hail from our neighbour country Namibia and they are here to rock our socks off from 10
December 2011 to New Years. Members consists of Stephen Slabbie Slabber (Vox), Adam Kirby
(Drummer), Wilde Willie (Lead Guitar), Conrad Rust (Rhythm Guitar) and Ramon le Roux(Bass).
These five guys come here ready to entertain and make us headbang until we can’t feel our necks
anymore. Talented, dedicated and full of passion, these guys create metal tunes that will leave
you hanging for more. They recently released their single “ Surface”, go have a listen on http:// You won’t be disappointed. The guys took out of their
busy schedule so we can get to know them a bit better before they hit our area.

When and who formed Out of Nowhere?
Out of Nowhere was Stephen’s brainchild.

Tell us about the process of putting together the band? Was it difficult to find members best
suited for the band?
Out of Nowhere originated as a side project by members of different bands. It took about a year to
find the final five members forming the band as we know it today.

Why the name Out of Nowhere?
The name seemed to describe the way the band came together and took off, and describes the unique
style that resulted from our individual tastes in music.

Which musicians/ bands has had a huge influence on your music and why?
Well, Killswitch Engage were pioneers in a style of metal we really appreciated and feel that they
share a special kind of band chemistry, as well as amazing stage presence and performance.
Breaking Benjamin also made a lasting impression in the way every band member complements the
other.We also derived major inspiration from Parkway Drive’s must-watch documentary – their sheer
determination and motivation proved an inspiration on tour, only to mention a few...

Take one word to describe each band member?
Well, we’ll answer it in two ways, first of which how we would describe that member to anyone
outside the band, and second how we would describe that member among ourselves.
Stephen:             Driven          -        Mr. Agro
Wille :                Dedicated     -       Williekrokernosterfant
Conrad :            Capable        -       What the ...?!!
Ramon :             Ambitious     -        Cheeseball
Adam :              Confident      -        Sloth

So you are touring SA in December? Excited to share your music with us? Where can we look
forward to see you?
Yes, yes we are. Yes, yes we are . We’re really looking forward to playing at Purple Turtle
(the Nightmare before Christmas gig – 24
th Dec) and Rock the River Festival over New Years.
You can have a look at our other gigs on our facebook page here:

You guys did a tour here in 2010. Are you amped to be back?
We experienced a fantastic reception on our last tour, and are looking forward to sharing our new
repertoire and standard.

Can we look forward to any new album releases soon?
We have released our first two tracks fresh out of the studio which will (hopefully) be the first
additions to our album due next year. Check em out on our page!

What inspires you guys to make metal the way you do?
We are grateful to have varying tastes on an individual level, while experiencing a mutual
appreciation for the composition of metal music which results in (what we feel to be) a very unique

So tell us, is the metal scene HUGE in Namibia?
We’re happy to see that it is definitely a growing scene, one which we’re proud to be a part of.

What can someone who hasn't attended one of your gigs expect? Prepare to be entertained?
We pride ourselves on our live performance – we give 110% at every show.

Do you guys "put" yourself in a specific musical genre?
If we had to choose, it would be Alternative Rock Metal as we cover a wide range of genres.

Best gig you've played so far? Why?
Namrock 2011 proved to be the biggest highlight for us – the feedback we got from the crowd and
fellow musicians was unrivalled.

Have you guys had an embarrassing moment on stage yet? Care to share?
Where to start... ?
... Ramon has fallen onto Adam’s drums on countless occasions, Stephen has attacked many a monitor
with vicious head-butts, and our last Halloween gig saw us all in boertjie shorts, veldskoene and
rugby socks – which was a first for every member except Willie...

Any crazy stalker fans yet?
There was this one guy...

Really love "Surface" , tell me more about the song?
The concept behind Surface was to be something abstract that would pull heartstrings – open to

So what do you guys do when you are not touring and making music for your fans?
We do all have full-time jobs (each and every one of which we hate) but between those, band practice
at least four times a week, recording and now our tour, it leaves little time for recreation – but we
wouldn’t have it any other way. We love music, and we’re happy to be so involved in our passion.
The people we’ve met and the support we’ve received along the way makes it all worth it!

Any advice for someone who hasn't seen one of your gigs?
Stretching exercises before the pit really make a difference.

So who writes your songs? You guys mix and match inspiration?
Hit the nail on the head there – our music is a team effort.

What is your favorite thing about studio time?
The best thing about studio time is you get to fine-tune, and appreciate what every band member
contributes individually.

It must be quite an effort to put a tour like this together? Hopefully you have a great team
behind you?
We must take this time to thank Ryno de Lange (Event Horizons) for all his input from the South
African side, and sisters Daniella and Anika Kohl for invaluable support.Without their help, this tour
would not have been possible.

Which SA bands have you shared the stage with?
The Parlotones, Fokofpolisiekar, Straatligkinders, Van Coke kartel, 12
th Avenue/Mark Haze to name a few.

Does the Namibian music scene help to promote local talent, like you guys?

The ideal place where you guys would love to tour?
We would love to tour the States just to be able to say we did

Which show on your 2011 South African tour should we not miss?
We have something special for every show so …

What made you guys enter the music scene?
The love of music – every one of us.

Will you guys be making regular "pit stops" in SA?
Definitely – the support for music here is in the same league as our passion for making it. \m/

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