Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Die Vegas Show

What else is there? 
South African media, although much more developed than in recent years, has currently reached an obvious plateau in terms of the quality and originality of local productions. Television networks are just not succeeding in adding value to the entertainment industry and it is this gaping hole in the market that Die Vegas Show will strive to stopper. The production focuses on introducing local artists to the public in a completely relaxed environment, thereby giving viewers the opportunity to experience them in their natural element. Upcoming episodes include interviews with a wide variety of interesting personalities, including high profile musicians, actors, sports stars and politicians. Viewers can look forward to 24 minute-long episodes brimming with witty remarks and strong opinions that serve to violently challenge the status quo.

What is Die Vegas Show? 
Die Vegas Show is a brand new, TV-based entertainment and lifestyle television programme with Rufio Vegas as presenter. The series was launched in June 2011 as online episodes that strove to provide the relevant, intelligent straight-shooting entertainment that South Africa's younger viewers have come to expect. Episodes involve day-long interview sessions in 'mockumetary' format, presented in a manner that ditches pretension and conventional media perception in favour of the 'Vegas factor'.

The first season consists of six episodes that include interviews with aKing, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Jack Parow, Mr Cat and The Jackal, Neels van Jaarsveld, as well as Inge Beckman.

Who is Die Vegas Show? 
Die Vegas Show is the brainchild of Rufio Vegas and is created and distributed by a group of young, enthusiastic individuals who believe in the ethos of the production and as such willingly invests their time and energy in the project. The developers form part of a sub cultural phenomenon that is slowly but surely infiltrating the South African cultural landscape and reforming it from within.

Why Die Vegas Show? 
Die Vegas Show, much like Fokofpolisiekar succeeded in changing the South African rock 'n roll landscape and Jack Parow did away with existing opinions about South African rap, is set to blow new life into the television medium while shifting a few paradigms along the way. Viewers will also be able to participate in a lively online community that includes an active website, Vimeo channel and Facebook Group where associated content is displayed and promoted under a ‘Vriende/Friends’ tab. It is this approach that leads the developers of the show to believe that Die Vegas Show will eventually become a blanket term for an exciting new launch pad for a variety of media and film experiments.

For more information or interviews with Vegas, contact Ice Carstens on:
Phone: 072 516 1703


  1. On what channel will it be broadcast and in what time slot? Any details about that yet?

  2. Tuesdays 20:30.
    First show aired yesterday!