Saturday, 10 December 2011

Paarl De Ville Battle of the Bands winner: The Mysticcs

Interview by: Jaco Brill
Vetman design and photography 

The Mysticcs is a 3-piece Blues Rock band based in Cape Town, South Africa and was formed in March 2011. In a short period of time, The Mysticcs have received a very positive response from a variety of audiences in and around Cape Town. The band has won the 2011 Niva King of the stage and recently signed a record deal with Niva Records their style and sound is driven by Blues Rock with a modern edge to it.

Mo Jones -           Bass
Ebi Johnstone -     Vocals/Guitar
Dean Roberts -     Drums

The Mysticcs won the grand prize at Battle of the Bands - Paarl De Ville and took home:
5 Track EP recording at Coffee Stained Vinyl Studios
Photo shoot, logo design, EP Cover design, tshirt design by Vetman design and photography
Interview with Tygerburger
Interview with Cape Town Music Scene
Opening gig in Bohemia for one of the big name bands
PR Contract from Pistol Star PR
Video Shoot from The Neon Kartel Pictures
Party bus trip sponsored by the venue, Paarl de Ville

When entering the competition, what did you think your chances were?
We were very postive that we had a high chance of winning .

Who did you see as your biggest competition in the battle?
All the bands that we went up against did really well so its quite hard to say who was our biggest competition

Why the double c in the name?
The reason why we have a double c? Its because it is a silent c Google "The Mysticcs" and you will c what we mean.

Gino Urbanski

Future plans? Anything specific?
We plan on touring South Africa!

Favourite gig and band played with so far?
Our favourite gig was at Zula bar, we shared a stage with two of our favourite bands.
Taxi violence and The Plastics.

What's you take on the music scene in cape town in general?
We work hard at what we doing and we want to share our music with people. the most important thing for us is that we want to make good music and we want people to feel what we feel with our music.

Gino Urbanski

Gino Urbanski

Gino Urbanski

Vetman design and photography 

Vetman design and photography 

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