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Curious Blurb

Curious Blurb

The Curious Incident is a mixed-bag band of multinationals fighting modern rock
conventions with their Leopard/Snake Rock.

Imagine: A Motown-loving African Mars Volta with dashes of Led Zep, QOTSA &
early Santana churned into the energetic power of a thousand stampeding elephants.

Curious Blurb

Kyle Verhagen-Roberts
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Percussion

Jack Stephenson-Oliver
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Diaz Meidiawan
Drums & Percussion

Francesco Moreno
Bass, Keyboard & Backing Vocals

“It’s hard to take a bow if you’re not willing to bend”
The Curious Incident is a mash of Afro/Latin/Rock with soul that is proudly
eclectic and ambitiously international. The ‘Incident’ is Shaka Zulu Rock dueling with
Conquistador Rock while Motown Soul provokes them (but in a gentlemanly fashion).

“Claims of Rainbow Nation but both sides still see in black & white”
South Africa – The Rainbow Nation - and the “worldwide dirt and shine of
human existence” come through as major influences both musically and
lyrically. This band of multinationals welcomes everything curious and do not
discriminate when pulling up fans from the crowd to participate in the song or dance.

“We all sound the same in some different way”
The Curious Incident draws inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin and
early Santana as well as from contemporaries such as The Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age and Incubus through to South Africa’s very own BLK JKS.
The band’s “slightly off-beat flamboyance” is tempered with, as put by founding member and vocalist Kyle Roberts, “enough mainstream appeal so as not to alienate the larger audience.”

“Dreams were built and broken down, I’m rebuilding my dreams wearing my paper crown”
More ambitious than your average politician” and “spreading like swine flu”, The Curious
Incident is about to release their self-titled six-track EP and take their Afro/Latin/Rock around the world.
Their energy and spasmodic rhythmical-writhing need a stage. So, armed with tales of intrigue, relentless passion, electrifying electric as well as heart-warming acoustic shows, The Curious Incident will take to the world and refill your empty brand name energy cans.

“How great would it be for words from one’s own mind to be...
immortalised, built into the fabrics of time, concreted in the minds of history”

Here's The Curious Incident's tour dates thus far:

1 January 2012: Rock the River SA music festival
5 January 2012: Zula Bar on Long Street in Cape Town
13 January 2012: Tanz Cafe in Fourways in JHB (electric show)
14 January 2012: Arcade Empire in Pretoria (electric show)
15 January 2012: Tanz Cafe in Fourways in JHB (acoustic show)

Curious Press:
The Playground (London)
“...Great guitarist and charismatic front man and loved their Darkness rock start and crowd
connecting. They were obviously the star turn on the live front.”
Andy Ross (ex Food Records & Blur)
“Great guitar player, reminds me of Rick Derringer.”
Tecla Ciofli (Your LMG)
“...Leaves the door wide open for critical reception and fan appreciation.”

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